10+ Illustrations That Perfectly Depict Modern World’s Problems

We always appreciate the modern day generation on achieving the great heights, for being smarter than the previous generation and for doing things which aren’t done a lot in the past centuries. However, how often do we realize and feel the need to address another side of the coin? Not usually, I guess. But an illustrator artist, Gunduz Agayev is waking up millions of people from a deep sleep of lust, love, and money to open their eyes and see the mess we humans have caused on the only planet which we’ve to survive.

Gunduz, a digital artist, recently released yet another series of his satirical illustrations, and this time he is addressing the problem that most of the mass follow, and most of them are in the news these days which have made our lives more miserable and less positive.

Have a look!

#01 The final land.

Satire: It isn’t that tough to understand. The irony in these illustrations shows that we humans have killed the forests, there are species which are on the edge of extinction, yet we’re not slowing down when it comes to deforestation.

#02 TV these days.

This one is the easiest to understand. The influential people control the television, and they’re filling our heads with shit.

#03 Against gender.

There are people who are not ready to understand that love knows no gender.

#04 Building a wall.

There’s a subtle message in it, maybe for the American President Donald Trump.

#05 Appaulse for a loss.

Satire: These days soldiers die not for their country, but for the games played by politicians on them.

#06 Rescuing the nakedness.

If Adam and Eve were born today, they must’ve been running away from our religious fakeness.

 #07 We’re all in a queue to drown.

Mark Zuckerberg as a pied piper blowing the wifi signal to induce people and make them do what he wants.

#08 Presidential toys these days.

While there’s a buzz on ‘building the wall,’ it turns out that this phenomenon has found its place in children’s toy store as well, and that’s not all a good.

#09 How terrorism run.

The mastermind behind the terrorism is in the black outfit who always wears a mask to hide its face. The man with suicide bomb (shown in pieces) is a broken man with a broken mind.

#10 Humans these days.

These days people have become prisoners of fidget spinners.

 #11 A political joke.

The process of justice has become so less efficient that when a person whether he is innocent or not enters the prison, comes an inch closer to his grave.

#12 Eating the alternative.

Gone are the days when tattoos used to represent the alternatives. They’ve become mainstream just for the sake of fashion and people are eating them like anything.

#13 Execution of Sofia.

It’s a taunt on Saudi Arabia which recently provided citizenship to AI based robot Sofia, but is backward when it comes to traditional practices.

That’s all, folks!



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