15 Everyday Little Things That Make Us Envy the Finns

We start being aware of the quality of our lives when we have something to compare it to. If we have something better to compare it to, we become envious and fascinated. That fascination often pushes us forward and makes us do incredible things only to achieve the same or a better quality of life.

We have gathered 15 photos which are showing some of the common things for Finns but at the same time strange and fascinating things for others. Can we be like them?

Children Have a Free Taxi Ride To School and Back

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Finnish Law dictates that any child who lives more than 5 km away from school must have a right to use a taxi at the expense of the city council. You can read about that here.

Preschools Have ONE Teacher To Every FOUR Children

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All children have a to start going to preschool when they are 9 months old. There is 1 teacher to 4 kids under the age of 3, and 1 teacher to 7 kids when they are 3. Every teacher has a right to adjust its lesson plan according to the interests and capabilities of their pupils. The monthly expenses are around $1,000, however, parents only have to pay somewhere around $280.

Citizens Get Money For no Reason

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Since the beginning of 2017, over 2,000 Finns get €560 as a gift from the government. That is an experiment and if it turns that it is a good thing, all Finns will get an “Unconditional Basic Income” of €800. The government thinks that if their citizens are confident, they won’t do any job they find but only those jobs that they like. That is how their citizens are going to be happier and more productive.

Helsinki Has Automated Waste Collection

Helsinki actually has a futuristic waste disposal system. Although only several sectors in Helsinki have this kind of a system it is pretty cool, and I haven’t seen it before. It is actually a system of trash cans (for cardboard, paper, biological waste, and mixed garbage) that are connected to the central waste sorting station with tubes. As soon as you throw your garbage into those garbage cans, it travels to the central station at 70km/h (64 mph). No smell, no trucks, no problems.

Bottle and Can Recycling Machines “Around Every Corner”

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Every time you buy a drink you pay a deposit which you get back only if you put those bottles and cans in their special recycling machines. That is how they keep their streets clean.

Apartment Buildings Have Common Saunas and Laundry Rooms

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Finns prefer to live in houses, but they also live in apartment buildings. However, those apartment buildings are not like in the rest of the world. They have common saunas and laundry rooms. However, residents of those apartment buildings must book their time in advance. Some of those buildings also have communal gyms and socializing rooms with books and board games.

Some Parking Lots Have Special Engine Heating Outlets

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This is What Finnish Line Looks Like

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In Finland, people have certain manners which you can’t see everywhere. For example, no one will breathe in your neck if you are waiting in a line in the supermarket or waiting for a bus at the bus stop. It is not socially acceptable to interrupt someone’s personal space.

Finns Are Doing Everything To Preserve the Nature

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As you can see, this birdhouse is not nailed to the tree. It is secured with a string. The Finns are surrounded by nature and they love it. There are green areas inside the residential areas and all kinds of tiny forest-animals live in those green areas inside their cities. They all coexist without any problems.

Excellent Roads


Finns have a special way of road construction. They have 2 meters of granite rocks and frost-resistant asphalt in 3 to 4 layers. Only 1 km of road costs from €500,000 to €1,000,000. However first repairs come after 10-12 years. Also, almost every road has webcams which are not there because of the traffic controls and are not placed by police, but by snow service. They have every road monitored for snowfall, and as soon as they notice the first snow, they send their units to clear it.

Electronic Prescriptions

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When a doctor writes a prescription for you, it is automatically shared with all healthcare institutions including pharmacies. You can buy all your medicine without any piece of paper in every pharmacy in every city.

Ceilings Have Special Outlets For Light

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If you buy a new chandelier you don’t need to rewire anything. There are special hooks on the ceiling and special outlets made for that. All lamps and chandeliers are sold with plugs suitable for those sockets.

Clean Tap Water

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According to some researchers, tap water in Finland is healthier than bottled water. Their water cleaning systems are very complex and that is why they can drink their tap water without boiling it. You can even drink water from 80% of their lakes.

All Towns, No Matter the Size, Have Every Commodity

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Every small town in Finland has all the commodities only bigger towns have in the rest of the world. Small towns have sports centers, swimming pools, and saunas. The quality of a school system and schools, in general, are of the same quality as in the bigger areas.

Newborns’ Moms Get a Box With All the Necessary Stuff They Need For Their Baby

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All the new moms get a box with 50 items like clothes, toys, and hygienic supplies. The most interesting thing is that the box itself is so good that it can be used as a crib.

All The Playgrounds Have Kitchens, Swimming Pools, And Game Rooms

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Each quarter in Helsinki has a secure playground. Every playground has all sorts of activities for children and boxes with toys. Some of those playgrounds even have swimming pools and special socialization rooms with books, table games, toys, functional kitchen with microwave and a fridge. The activities and the use of all those playgrounds are free.

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