18 Photos Taken at “That” Perfect Moment When All The Dice Clings

In order to shot an awesome photo, you usually need to spend hours and hours waiting for that perfect moment and then finally to click the shutter button. The best shots require patience, but carefully, if you wait for a second longer, chances that you will miss the perfect shot are increased.

But, if you are lucky enough (which is not the case that much often) you might be at the right place in the right time to shot an awesome and breathtaking, perfectly timed photo. Until that happens, take a look at these fascinating perfect pictures below.

1. What are you doing? Nothing much, really. Playing around with my cars collection

2. Hurricane Patricia coming to Mexico

3. That giraffe eats a plane.

4. Bird that just doesn’t care about the rules

5. Airplane making a sonic boom

6. This cat nailed camouflage

7. I like to do my fur naturally!

8. This hedgehog will get a ticket for speeding if he continues to run this fast

9. Going somewhere? I don’t think so!

10. If you touch it, then it will…Well, never mind

11. Soft blanket

12. Bubble glasses, a new trend

13. Peeking through a hole in the perfect moment

14. I got it! I got it! This peanut is mine!

15. Hey guys, wait for me!

16. When shadows write their own story

17. I knew this is true. I just knew it!

18. Good night, Snoopy, have a pleasant dream.

Images source: scooplify.com

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