20 Unbelievable Coincidences That Leave Us With Many Questions About the World

Coincidences are a part of everyone’s lives. They happen every day in many forms. They often occur randomly and have the tendency to take us by surprise.

It is a common belief that everything in life, no matter how trivial or enormous, happens due to fate. A good percentage of the general public believes that every single event that occurs in one’s life is predestined. Another belief is that things happen by chance, in the most random way possible. There is nothing more to it; it just happens.

However, no matter what you believe, the pictures that we are about to show you will leave you shocked. They will certainly leave you thinking about your beliefs. Here we go!

#20: The nearest miss!

Normally when you would hear the words ‘tree,’ ‘fall,’ and ‘car’ in the same sentence, you would freak out.

Not in this case, though. I mean, you would still freak out, but this time because of an entirely different reason. A tree has fallen where this car has been parked, but its trunk is crooked in the exact place where the car is parked. What an amazing thing to witness. Is that a coincidence or was it just random? Decide for yourself!

#19: The fishy wallet.

A boy tweeted about the fact that his father went for fishing at Lake Attersee in Austria where he had lost his wallet 20 years ago.

It certainly seems like this dad does not learn from his bad experiences. However, 20 years later, upon visiting the lake, he found his wallet! Surprisingly enough, everything was intact. He was fishing for, well, fish, but ended up catching his wallet instead. Is it just luck or was it bound to happen?

#18: The bullets that met

Here we see two bullets crossing each other. Lodged in one another, these ancient bullets were fired during World War I in the Battle of Gallipoli.

It is akin to a miracle that this took place, and it probably saved the life of both those soldiers involved in the duel. Where else have you seen a bullet crossing anything one? It is highly remarkable!

#17: Yo Dawg, I heard you liked flamingos …

This amazing formation of flamingos was a complete accident. it was obviously not pre planned, as these are flamingos and are usually bad at being humans.

A huge group of flamingos stood in such a way that it formed a flamingo-shaped silhouette when seen from above. It looked brilliant. The idea was great, too; hundreds of flamingos standing inside one giant flamingo. 10/10 for creativity to these little guys!

#16: A flying occurrence.

Every kid dreams of becoming a pilot at least once in a life. Ever since this little boy sat in a Kiowa OH58 helicopter at an air show, he wanted to become a pilot. After following his dreams and becoming one, he flew a helicopter that turned out to be the same Kiowa OH58 he had sat in as a kid.

Therefore, we should never forget our roots. This could be said as the moment when this person’s life completed a full rotation; it was like going back to where it all started. It is quite the nostalgic feeling!

#15: The numbered canines.

Everyone loves dogs; especially dogs with spots on their skins.

Whenever you order something, it gets delivered in a specific order after passing through a particular procedure.

A dog gave birth to her three little puppies, and each of them had a black spot on their back indicating which one of the triplets they were. The first had one spot; the second had two, while the third one had three. It is quite an incredible thing and it will now be easier for the owner to identify these cute little fellows.

#14: Rainbows

Witnessing a rainbow is hard enough. Most of the time, all we see is a colorful arc. We don’t even get to see a semi-circle.

This picture, however, depicts a full rainbow! All three hundred and sixty degrees of colorful magic. How often does anyone see that? It looks absolutely beautiful and surely is a once in a lifetime experience.

#13: The cookie monster.

Look at these two people sitting in a bar. Take a look at what their shirts read.

The person on the left is wearing a shirt that says ‘cookie’ on the back, and the other is wearing one that says ‘monster.’ Put them together, and you have the cookie monster. I’d say, they have a great synchronization as a team!

#12: The fascinated dragon fly.

This little guy came and landed right on the spot where this person had a dragon fly tattoo.

It landed right at a spot where it seems as if the tattoo is its shadow. What a fascinated dragon fly. It is truly an amazing thing, and not something that would happen every day. So now, the person has the tattoo of a dragon fly on his foot, along with the real deal itself. How cool!

Again, is this a coincidence?

#11: First blood!

Probably the most annoying living thing on earth is the mosquito. They, for no apparent reason, suck on your blood and can give you a variety of fatal diseases.

Most of the time, it is next to impossible to catch and kill one of these little buggers. This person, however, while playing darts, managed to get one right on a mosquito. The aim was so good that it pinned the mosquito to the wall and killed it in the process. If only all of us had such amazing precision.

This one does not look like a coincidence to us at all. It looks like karma!

#10: The self-aware birdy.

That is exactly what this little birdy thought, as it landed right on the page where it was being talked about him. A man reading an encyclopedia was greeted by this cute fellow as he read about it. Nature surely has its own way of providing live examples!

What a coincidence, right? Or not?

#9: Just, how?!

Here we see another example of a tree falling on a car. Except, not quite.

This free literally fell, but did so in the way that it did not even touch the car standing underneath it. How lucky is that! We are sure that even till this day, the owner and other people who saw this incident are in awe. This seriously looks like some supernatural forces are responsible for this. Got any clue?

#8: The luckiest man on Earth.

Perhaps the thing drivers hate the most are speed cameras and penalties.

Dodging them any day at any given time would be such a blessing. This picture shows us a speeding car captured by the camera. Except, there is no way to identify it, as a bird flew right in front of the license plate as the picture was taken by the speed camera. That is some insane luck right there. If only this could happen to all of us!

#7: Talk about symmetry!

Two completely unrelated people appeared in the ‘People You May Know’ section of a person’s Facebook account.

The intriguing thing is the fact that both of these people, in their profile pictures, are standing in such a way that the Sydney Harbor Bridge behind them aligns perfectly. I’d say supernatural forces are definitely at play here!

#6: A fiery kiss.

We have all seen people doing all kinds of tricks with fire; if not in real life, then on the television.

This photograph of a fire breather is taken at such a great time that is seems like the flame is in the shape of a dragon, making it look like the fire breather is about to kiss it. What a picture. It surely does speak a thousand words.

Is this coincidence, too?!

#5: The mother of all coincidences.

This guy signed up for a marathon. What happened next was just incredibly insane.

He was assigned the number 33607. Surprisingly, his shirt said ‘33607,’ too. As it turned out, the zip code of his hometown was the same number. Most incredibly, so was his finishing time. Do you still not believe in coincidences?! This is amazing!

#4: Taylor Swift!

Two eighteen wheelers on the motorway rode together and the back of their compartments said the words ‘Taylor’ and ‘Swift’ respectively.

Now, ever if you are not an admirer of the popular female singing star, you will surely be amused by this sight. This has to be a coincidence, right?

#3: The perfect timing!

This post is by a sister who writes about how her brother has been trying to get a perfect lightning picture for about a whole year.

Once he did, finally, he noticed that one of the boats in the picture said ‘Perfect Timing.’

What a perfect coincidence!

#2: A clone!

This picture is of William and Will West – two inmates at the Leavensworth Prison in 1903.

They are not related at all but yet have the same name and face. The guards even had some confusion regarding their identities. In fact, they were so alike that nothing except for their fingerprints could set them apart. They are one of the reasons why fingerprints are used as identification in the modern day era.

#1: Lucky Lottery!

A man won the lottery despite having different number combinations on his receipt. What in the name of all that is holy?

It looks to be a huge coincidence and luck, as well!

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