7 Foods We Eat At The Wrong Time That Are Harming Our Health

That wonderful food! Whether you are just a sneaky occasional snacker or some huge meal lover, all human beings need food in order to survive. But why do we always search for new ways to prepare food and new tastes to add to our foods? And all that makes us eat more even if we all know that we don’t actually need that amount of food to survive. We actually eat more than we need because we like that food so much. We enjoy eating foot. That makes us eat no matter the time of the day, and that can destroy our health.

To prevent some illnesses we have to know the exact time when to eat what foot.


BEST Time To Drink It – Night

It is best to drink milk during the night because it can relax your body and give your muscles all the nutrients it needs while resting.

WORST Time To Drink It – Morning

It is very difficult for the stomach to digest milk. That is why you shouldn’t drink it during the morning.


BEST Time To Eat It – Afternoon

It is best to eat rice for your lunch. You need energy during the day, and the carbohydrates in rice are the best fuel you can get.

WORST Time To Eat It – Night

That extra energy can be very harmful to you if you consume it during the night. You will not be able to spend that energy during the night and that energy normally goes to your fat.


BEST Time To Eat It – Afternoon

Curd is a good probiotic and it will help you in the digestion process.

WORST Tie To Eat It – Night

Strangely, eating curd during the night can cause some harm to your respiratory tract. It can cause colds and cough.


BEST Time To Eat It – Morning

As you all know, everything that has sugar is rich with energy. That is why it is best to eat anything with that sort of carbohydrates in the morning. It will give you energy, and your body will successfully burn that sugar during your activities.

WORST Time To Eat It – Night

Consuming anything that has sugar in it during the night is only going to help you gain some weight and increase your body fat.

Pulse And Beans

BEST Time To Eat It – Night

Beans and pulses have lots of fibers. It will help you lower the cholesterol levels during the night and help you rest.

WORST Time To Eat It- Morning

You shouldn’t eat anything rich with fibers during the morning. Anything like sprouts, lentils, or beans will only increase your appetite and make you eat more than you actually need.


BEST Time To Eat It– Noon

Banana is another food that is rich in fibers. That is why you should eat it at noon. It will help you in the digestion process and help you keep your energy high during the day. That is why you should eat it before or after the workout.

WORST Time To Eat It – Night

Believe it or not, eating bananas at night can make you sick. It is very rich in magnesium and if taken late at night on an empty stomach can lead to stomach troubles.


BEST Time To Eat It – Morning

Apples are rich in Pectin which smoothens the bowel function, prevents constipation and eliminates some of the carcinogen elements from the body.

WORST Time To Eat It – Evening/ Night

Apples have high levels of organic acids. That is why it is bad to eat it before you go to sleep.

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