7 Popular Cities That Can Be Dangerous For Tourists

There are many beautiful places on Earth. You can just look at the landscape photos from those places and just enjoy them the entire day. However, some of those places are very dangerous for tourists. You might get robbed, poisoned or even killed, so you have to be careful what you say, where you go, and with whom.

We have decided to show you some of those places which still stand as the most popular tourist destination. So, you should know that there are many more dangerous places, and people stay away from them. These are the most dangerous popular destinations.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa is the cradle of our civilization and one of the most beautiful continents in the world. It has stunning nature and it is a place where two oceans meet. However, until 30 years ago it had been a place of great violence – that was the time of apartheid – in which white men discriminated black men.

Now it is the other way around. White men are discriminated, especially in Johannesburg. That is why you don’t want to travel on foot or alone. The best case scenario is that people will look at you strangely on the streets.

Pattaya, Thailand

Beware where you eat in Thailand. You can easily get food poisoning. In Pattaya, that is a very common thing because of the lack of the basic hygiene or just plain negligence.

Seafood is the most common cause of the food poisoning.

The thing is, local people, prepare everything with really strong spices. Those spices actually kill all the bacteria in food. However, tourists don’t like their spices and eat that same food without spices. That is why tourists get food poisoning. Eat like the locals do, or don’t eat their food at all.

Tijuana, Mexico

This city is on the border between Mexico and the United States. That is why people from the US like to spend their time in Tijuana. But because of its geographical position, this place is not only the favorite location for tourists, but for the fugitives too. It is also one of the most famous transit-cities for drug dealers. That is why this place is so dangerous, and we don’t recommend it as a tourist destination.

Mumbai, India

India is a country where social differences are something that is visible on their streets. Every tourist that comes to Mumbai will have an opportunity to be surrounded by crowds of beggars who will most certainly try to steal from you. Some of them are even dressed as Yogis (holly – enlightened people).

It is also a very warm and humid place which has those perfect conditions for food poisoning. Be careful.

Paris, France

Paris, as a city of lights and eternal love, is one of the most popular tourist attractions. However, there are lots of pickpockets, beggars, and people who try their best to sell you something you don’t need. You should pretend that you don’t see them. That is the best recipe for the safety of your wallet.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You must have heard of Santa Teresa which is one of the most popular central districts in that city. However, it is very dangerous in spite of that popularity. Keep your wallet, phone, and a camera in your bag, or else you might get attacked.

Also, don’t go to the favelas. Don’t ever go there.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is one of the most westernized Muslim cities, but you should remember that Muslims do almost everything according to their religion and tradition. They are never going to abandon their principles and you should respect that. There are some really strict rules, especially if you are a woman. To avoid being stared at, or even sexually harassed, keep your legs, arms, and chest covered. Provocative behavior is especially dangerous outside of your hotel. You can do whatever you like while you are in the premises of your hotel, but outside of it, act like a lady.

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All these countries are safe if you follow some simple rules. You need to respect the culture and the ways of people whose country you are visiting. Remember that you are only a tourist there.

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