Celebrity Doppelgängers from Another Countries

It’s normal to say that we all have a double (or doppelgänger) out there somewhere with population of 7 billion people currently living on Earth. We’ve all seen this happen many times before, but having a doppelgänger doesn’t just apply to us mortals.

Yet it’s not just mere mortals that have doubles. On this list, there is a proof that celebrities who are rich and famous are also not immune from having their doubles. Leonardo di Caprio has a double from Russia, Nicholas Cage’s is from India, George W. Bush has one double in Vietnam, and many more. Check this list below, and pick your favorites!

1.Danny DeVito from Brazil

2. George Clooney from Turkey

3. Morgan Freeman from Mexico serving tacos.

4. Leonardo Di Caprio from Sweden

5. Barrack Obama from Indonesia

6. Hugh Laurie, a plumber from Russia

7. Matt Damon, black!

8. Vladimir Putin from China

9. Jay-Z female version

10. Jim Carrey from Russia

11. Taylor Lautner, female version

12. Britney Spears from FYR Macedonia

13. White Carlton

14. Kanye West from Egypt. It should be Kanye East, right?

15. Another Morgan Freeman from Peru

16. Barrack Obama from Mexico

17. Johnny Depp from Japan

18. Nicolas Cage from India

19. Mark Wahlberg from Asia

20. George W. Bush from Vietnam

21. Ryan Gosling from Saudi Arabia

22. Megan Fox from Brazil – Claudia Alende

23. Littlefinger (Game of Thrones) from Asia

Images source: boredpanda.com

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