Elvis Sings Flawlessly Unchained Melody Live in 1977!

He’s a real King!

Elvis Aaron Presley is an American singer and actor, one of the most commercially successful performers of popular music of the 20th century. In America, Presley was nicknamed “the king of rock and roll” (or simply “king” — The King).

He popularized rock’n’roll, although he was not the first performer of this genre. The popularity of Presley is so wide that many people call him only by name — Elvis. There are lot of movies about his life and not only. It’s difficult at least once to hear him and not love his masterpieces forever.

This song is called “Unchained Melody”. Since the release, an incredible number of years have passed, but it is still popular all over the world. Even the most fastidious listener will appreciate this hit, calling it a work of art.

This song is about love. The hero admits that he needs the love of one beautiful lady. He can’t understand this woman. She is playing games with him, which he does not like.

He was hungry for her touch, hugs and kisses, because for him this is the most precious thing that can ever be in life. But it’s not just words. The melody of the song is incredibly beautiful, that I want to melt in a gentle dance.

The singer perfectly conveyed all the emotions experienced by a man in love. It’s hard not to believe him. It seems that this is one of the most romantic songs of Elvis.

Despite Presley’s death, his music continues to be regularly released to the present day. Do not miss the chance to hear this song.


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