Fisherman catches fish that grew around a drink wrapper

Adam Turnbell told Fox News that the fish he reeled in was unlike anything he has caught before.

A Canadian fisherman hopes his astounding catch of a pike growing around a drink wrapper will teach others not to litter.

“Pick up your garbage. This is a Powerade wrapper which takes up no room in your pocket until you get to a garbage can. Please share!” Adam Turnbull, of Sarnia, Ontario, wrote on a Facebook post.

Never thought this post would hit 10k shares. Thanks to everyone who has had a look at this post as it was meant to raise awareness and that it has.

Here I said I never thought this would get shared 10k times, well it’s now at 30k. I’m beyond happy the awareness this has brought, thank you so much everyone.

he images have gone viral with more than 12,000 shares.
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Turnbull said he removed the wrapper and released the fish back into the waters of Alberta.

“I was very surprised a fish could even survive like this,” Turnbull told Fox News, adding that he has never caught anything like it before.

“I spoke to a biologist and the blockage was just behind its stomach so it would have been able to eat normally, just longer for digestion to take place,” he said.

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