He Enters The Stage And Starts To Sing, But Seconds Later The Judges Are In Floods Of Tears.

Music producer Simon Cowell is know for being hard to please. Known for his harsh comments and controversial opinions, auditionees know that he is the one to impress; if you can crack a smile from him then you’re doing well. So everyone in the room was left shocked when this young man managed to move him to tears.

Acts who audition for Simon’s talent programmes are desperate to win approval from Simon. After all, he is the judge with the most power; he is the one with the ability to make or break careers.

When 21-year-old Josh walked onto the stage, as the last contestant of the day, he had a lot to prove. But it turns out that he needn’t have been nervous whilst waiting all day.

When asked why he will be singing the song ‘Jealous of the rain’ by Labrynth, he explains that he thinks of the lyrics in a very different way to how they were wrote. It turns out that, like most talent programme acts, he has a sad story inspiring him.

The room falls silent as Josh begins to sing the emotional song and from the first line, everyone is moved to tears. Josh’s velvet smooth voice soars through the room as he delivers a performance that is both powerful and moving. You can tell that he is connected with every lyric.

Watch the video for yourself to witness Josh’s amazing performance. Just be sure to have a box of tissues nearby…

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Video Here 

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