If You Think That These Are Photographs, You Are Wrong! The Reality Is Completely Different

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”

– Oscar Wilde

This statement has been proven so many times. Art is where artists give their heart and soul, where they are able to enjoy the freedom of thought.

Here, we present you three artists who are so impressive at their art that it is nothing less than a spectacle. Artwork from artists Pedro Campos, Diego Fazio, Joongwon (Charles) Jeong, has been shown here.
Their work is so darn perfect. The hues, the strokes, the shades and the realism that has been infused is astonishing. Many of you will still hardly believe that these are not photographs but paintings.

This artwork also requires immense skills like precision, patience, ideation, and the artist’s thought process also plays an important role.

Check this incredibly awesome artwork.

#1. Amazing painting by Italian artist, Diego Fazio aka DiegoKoi. You will be surprised to know that his only tool was pencil for creating all these shades on the picture.

1.1 Behind the scene. Can you notice all his dedication and the precision at his work?

#2. All these details and the strokes, simply marvelous!

#3. Wondering how much time he spent to create this masterpiece.

Incredible artwork, in the making.

#4. Even the freckles are so realistic.

#5. I still can’t believe that someone can work so flawlessly. This self-taught illustrator was born in 1989. He started as a tattoo artist.

#6. The eyes, they are awe-inspiringly charming.

#7. Simply baffled at this painting!

#8. His grey eyes and the curve of his smile … priceless.

#9. DiegoKoi working on his masterpiece.

#10. That’s what we call a fierce piece of art.

Next artist is a hyperrealist painter from South Korea. Joongwon (Charles) Jeong, who uses acrylic paint to give textures to his artwork.

#1. Homer.

A zoom in of the detail he has added to his piece.

Jeong at work.

His eyes speak volumes of pleasure that he obtains out of this.

#2. Robert Downey Jr.

#3. Self-Portrait.

#4. His grandfather.

Jeong, while making it.

#5. Bruised in the winter.

Even the opened moth has been painted with all details.

#6. Sir Ian McKellen.

The hues, the shades, the strokes, simply stunning.

The last artist on this list is Pedro Campos, a hyperrealist painter from Madrid, Spain who uses oil paints to make incredibly realistic paintings.

#1. Unbelievable drawn.

#2. Reflection at this painting is so perfectly drawn.

#3. Every detail on the fruits and the awesome blending of the shades.

#4. The angles of reflection looking so realistic making us hard to believe it is only a painting.

#5. Can you notice the transparency brought out in the glass?

#6. How can someone add so much of realism in a simple polythene bag?

#7. The lemons and the foil and the creases in the foil. Breathtaking.

#8. The bottom of the glass has been drawn so perfectly and precise.

#9. His drawing of the glasses is simply amazing.

#10. My eyes popped out on this.

#11. Watch those small jelly beans, all painted in complete detail.

#12. Now, this is what I call ‘PERFECTION’.

#13. The hues of the ball and its shadow, just marvelous.

#14. Looking so realistic that I wish to grab a can from these!

Images source: ia.wittyfeed.me

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