Little Girl Closes Her Eyes Tight And Starts To Sing, From The Very First Note, Everyone’s In Tears

Many people perform covers of classic Christmas songs at this time of year, but not many have the ability to move you to tears with their rendition. 4-year-old Claire Ryann is well known for her adorable song covers and her recent Christmas video is as cute as ever!

Surrounded by twinkling lights and giant Christmas trees, it is easy to mistake this video for a pop star’s music video. Not to mention, with filmed clips of the Nativity story interspersed throughout, it plays just like the signature track to a movie.

But actually, this video is humbly created at home, by the Crosby family who regularly delights us with their wonderful videos of predominantly Claire and her musical daddy, Dave.

In this Christmas video, Claire takes the centre stage on her own to deliver a heartwarming performance of ‘Silent Night’. With her sweet, youthful voice and confidence in front of the camera, the video is a perfect way of spreading the Christmas spirit.

Claire has achieved much success through internet stardom, due to her duets with her daddy, covering Disney classics and traditional songs that everybody loves. They post them on Youtube and every video amasses millions of views. They have even performed on The Ellen Show and The Voice together. It’s safe to say that this little angel has a bright future ahead of her.

Despite her success though, the Crosby family claim that she is “just a four-year-old little girl who loves to sing and make music with her dad.”

Watch the video for yourself and enjoy Claire’s delightful version of the Christmas classic. Do you love little Claire’s song covers? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and share her talent with your friends.

Watch Video Below :



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