People Are Shaming Him Being the Worst Father Ever, but They Don’t Know the Whole Story

This man loves to use his camera skills to create funny scenarios where his son does unusual things for a his age. His son is only 1 year old. Andreas Miezans is a 33-year-old father and he comes from Tønsberg, Norway.

Andreas says: “I Actually Had the Idea in My Head Before Oscar Was Even Born. I Love Taking Pictures and I Wanted to Make Something We Could Look Back on and Laugh”

“It Started as Something Fun to Show My Family and Friends on Social Media Because I Am Originally from Sweden”

“The Idea Is for These Not to Be Normal Baby Pictures. I Wanted to Try Something Different. About Twice a Week I’ll Take My Camera Out and Just Try to Make the Best of Whatever Situation We Are In”

“The Most Popular One Is Where We Are Both Dressed in Our Football Kits. We Were Supporting Sweden During the European Championships and We Looked Pretty Cool in Our Matching Kits”

“I Don’t Really Plan Ahead Too Much. Sometimes, like with the Track and Field Photo, I Have to Drive a Few Miles, but Most of Them Are Just Around the House”

“In Some of the Pictures I Will Hold on to Oscar or Lift Him above My Shoulders and Then Delete Myself to Make the Situations Look More Interesting”

Andreas is a true master with software tools which and we witness his craft on this logic-defying photos.

This is what he said about his girlfriend: “Kristine Doesn’t Get Involved in Any of the Photos, but She Is 100 Per Cent Behind Them. She Can See It’s Good for My Relationship with Oscar”

“Oscar Is Very Co-Operative and Will Generally Go along with Whatever I Do… I Set the Camera up on a 10-Second Timer and Then I Have to Run Back Into Place”

“We Get 10 Weeks of Parental Leave in Norway and I Have Booked Another Four Weeks of Vacation. It’s Great to Spend so Much Time with Him”

Andreas grew a reputation as a great dad and excellent photographer all over internet and he has a really huge fan base.

He said that he has approximately 75,000 pictures of his little boy and he plans to have much more!

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