The Kardashian family causes contradictory feelings among the public. Someone loves them madly, others hate and criticize them all the time. But you cannot be indifferent to them: they make a sensation out of everything, every appearance of them in public is covered in the media. But the stars are not as perfect as their fans think. They have unsuccessful walks down the red carpet. We decided to share with you the most unsuccessful photos of this American family, which they would prefer to hide from others.

Photos of pregnant Kim

During pregnancy, the TV star changed beyond recognition: her buttock was larger than her abdomen. But the celebrity stayed good and even went out to the public. True, one of the outings was extremely unsuccessful. Kim at the VMA ceremony was compared to Penguin, the villain from the movie “Batman Returns” (1992).

Photo “before” plastics

The Kardashian family declare that their magical transformation is basically natural. But hardly anyone believes this. Photo of Kim before the plastics continue to shock the public, although the famous family tries to get rid most of them.

Paris Hilton’s flunky

Once Kardashian was not so popular. She was a stylist among the stars and spun in the company of Paris Hilton, so she also got a piece of the glory of the secular lioness. But Kardashian was able to become a full-fledged star from the accessory of the most famous blonde.
Transparent leggings

When a photo of Kim in leggings appeared on the web, many criticized the TV star, noticing that her appearance is far from ideal. The star understood her “mistake”, and now her public photos are processed by photoshop.
Kylie’s Plastic Surgery

Kim’s sister was once an ordinary girl. But the model decided to follow the example of a relative and transformed beyond recognition: face, chest, buttock. She corrected everything to become a copy of Kim.
Kim’s swollen legs 

Public people always try to dress stylish and fashionable. Celebrity understands this well but seems to have overdone it. Kim came out in very narrow sandals, which passed her swollen legs. The spectacle is not pleasant.
Kim’s cellulite 

Lover of outspoken clothes did not realize that her dress would play a cruel joke with her. Because of the deep incision, photographers managed to shoot TV star’s cellulite. Yes, even Kim has it!
Kim’s wailing face 

This photo has already become a meme on the web. Looking at the suffering of Kim, it seems strange that people laugh at her grief. But did you know what she was upset about at the time? Bungee jumping in Thailand. Kim is a real drama queen and she likes to make a scene.



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