What Do You See? This Picture Test Will Reveal Your Subconscious Fear

Fear is a natural born instinct we all have. The only difference is that we are all afraid of different thing differently. That is probably something we develop over time and we are not even aware of that. Those fears are called unconscious fears and we all have them. The picture you are going to see below will help you see what your unconscious fears are.

The first detail you notice in the image below will help you uncover your deepest psychological fears.

The only thing you need to do is to tell us what the first detail you notice in the picture is.

Don’t think about it, just look at it

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What did you see?

Was it: a little girl, the strawberry, the trees, the butterfly, the spider, or the teddy bear? Whichever item you saw first, go to the corresponding section below to find out what it really means.

The Little Girl

If the little girl was the first thing you noticed then you probably have some repressed childhood emotions.

These kinds of repressed memories or emotions can surface in your adult life as some sort of addictions or an inappropriate desire. You should take your time and face those emotions if you have some because this can lead to the creation of decision making fears and the incapability of making any kind of tough decisions in your further life. Mother’s mistreatment is the most common cause of these kinds of emotions.

Whatever the real cause for this kind of emotions might be, you should accept that and deal with it.

The Strawberry

Here, STRAWBERRY represents the heart. If this is what you saw first, you need to take a look at yourself. You need to take a look at your feeling and fears towards love.

The most common cause for these kinds of fears can be found in your childhood and how your parents (and family in general) expressed love. It can also be caused by some recent relationship. No matter what the real cause is, you should deal with it really fast. You don’t want to waste your time on those feeling because you want to have some healthy relationships in the future, right?

The Trees

If those trees are the first thing you saw, then the cause of your fears points to your roots. This is something that pushes us to that deep sea of uncertainty. It is a very bad fear that can make you stumble any time you want to make a move.

It is some kind of emotional split. You feel like you are torn on any subject you think about.

It is a very common fear and can be caused by some stressful situation in which you were pulled in a different direction and nothing good came out of it. After that, you’ve been doubtful and uncertain about every move you have made so far.

The best thing you can do about this problem is to regularly pull yourself from your comfort zone. Practice trusting your intuition and you can also ask some of your friends or family members for help. Practice is the only thing that can pull you out from that.

The Butterfly

If the butterfly was the first thing you saw then you are, most probably, afraid of the new beginnings or even death.

The main cause for that is your feeling of guilt for the time that has passed by, your missed opportunities from the past, or maybe even your inability to grieve the loss of someone you loved.

The cure for this is, of course, to keep moving forward. Don’t forget any of those things, but instead of feeling guilty for those things, use them as a fuel for your future. Be better, improve, and keep moving forward.

The Skull

If you saw the skull first, you either saw a very small version of the picture, you looked it from some considerable distance, or you have a subconscious fear of death. That doesn’t have to be the fear of your own death. You might be afraid to lose someone you love. In that case, it is likely that you have already lost someone close to you. In that case, it’s no wonder that you are afraid of death.

Use any opportunity you have to speak with your friends or family members about that. They will be the best psychologist for that kind of a problem because they will understand what you have gone through.

The Spider

Most of us have that natural but illogical fear of spiders. That is why if you saw the spider first, it symbolizes our unconscious fears.

This is a direct reflection of our current physical, emotional or even spiritual state. That means that you are afraid of your current condition. You are not satisfied and that can stop you from enjoying your life and fully live in the present.

That is why you should address anything that is stressing you right now. You have to change that or learn how to live with that. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to “seize your day”.

The Teddy Bears

If that teddy bear was the first thing you saw, you are looking for something to comfort you. Just like kids use teddies for comfort.

That teddy is actually a fear of the fear itself. You are afraid that you won’t be able to find comfort. Most commonly, this is a product of your earliest past and some childhood trauma in which no one wanted to properly comfort you.

This kind of fear is bad for your future because it will keep blocking you from making changes in your life. And believe me change is good. However, you will be afraid of taking risks because you want to avoid repeating that unpleasant feeling – the feeling that you are going to fail and there won’t be anyone around you to comfort you.

The only cure for this one is to practice and to make you tough again. You must learn how to face the unknown and whatever may come. With practice, these kinds of moments become easier, but the fear never goes away.

Everyone is afraid, but you have to be stronger than your fears.

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