The Wealthiest Man in the Middle-East Got Arrested and the Prison is Making Me Jealous

The entire last week was in the mark of Saudi Arabia. And not because of something spectacular like new golden cars or the tallest building in the world, but because of one of the most spectacular arrests in the history of that kingdom. The arrest itself was a political decision and it wasn’t really transparent, but that is nothing special. The thing that is so special is the “prison” in which the convict is being held.

The prisoner is the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, son of billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of the Middle-East. He was arrested on November 4, 2017, alongside his 10 princes and other government officials and former ministers. They were all arrested on the charges of corruption.

The thing is that we would all love to go to the same prison they went to…

Ritz Carlton

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This Saudi Arabian Prince is the wealthiest man in the Middle-East. The arrest itself didn’t shake the world, but his prison did. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is being held at Ritz Carlton (Luxury Hotels and Resorts) in country’s capital.

Take a look at that “prison”

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Business Insider reports that, if you visit the Ritz Carlton’s official website, it shows you the message that reads, “Telephone lines and the Internet are disconnected due to unforeseen situations.”

The Interior of The “Prison”


That “prison” hotel has 493 rooms. However, no one knows where are all the royal criminals being held captive.

Currently There Are no Guests In The Hotel Because They Were All Politely Asked To Leave The Hotel

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Allegedly, some of the royal prisoners are being held in single rooms and they are sleeping in on mattresses.

Not His First Time in The Hotel


Crown Prince recently visited this hotel, together with many famous individuals and leaders. According to some resources, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns 95% of Kingdom Holding that actually owns parts of Twitter, Citigroup, and other bigger companies.

Business Insider Reports About This Case


Allegedly, there is some doubt about the entire case. The Crown Prince wanted to advocate the return of the “moderate Islam” and that was quite possibly one of the initial catalysts for that arrest.

Ritz Carlton Is Now a Makeshift Prison for Wealthy People

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Some sources suggest that this hotel was turned into a prison only because it is not ok to keep wealthy people inside an ordinary jail.

On The Day Of Arrest

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On the day of the arrest, all the guests of the Ritz Hotel were asked to leave the hotel and take their belongings ASAP.

The Previous Visit


Some sources reported that the billionaire organized a huge party inside the hotel only 2 weeks prior to the arrest.

The Most Famous Chefs Were Making Food For The Event


All kinds of cuisine were served at that event! Everything from Italian food to Chinese food.

Guests Could:


Go bowling in a private bowling alley, get some rest in a Male – Only Spa, etc.

The Very First Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Saudi Arabia Opened in 2011

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Who wouldn’t like to stay here? Would you like to spend some time in this “prison”?

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