This Can Be The First Floating City To Exist in the Future

The idea of floating cities is simply a project that has to happen sometime in the future. We need that to survive as a civilization because we are running out of space on land. If we don’t think of something smarter like a life on some other planet we need to learn how to build on water.


There were thousands of different ideas on how to continue our ways of life. This is because of the problem with the overpopulation. We have reached that birthrate numbers that there will be around 10 billion people by 2050. That is a lot of people and that is why we need to change the way we heat our homes, build our vehicles, use the energy of this planet, and where we live. This cruise ship/ floating city is just one of the possible solutions and the design itself is the work of Jacques Rougerie, the French architect.

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Other solutions were cities under the water, but above the water too. There was one idea to produce a material that can float, just like the idea from James Cameron’s movie, “Avatar”. However, that technology is far from reality and the most realistic solution for the problem we have are the floating cities.

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The floating city of the future will be around 4 square miles and it will come with its own dock, roadways, farms, hotels, entertainment complex and it will have its submerged facilities. Something like Atlantis.


Those submerged facilities are going to be packed with high-tech equipment. It will also have an ocean research facility and labs which are essential for the survival of humankind.


Manta-Ray shaped facility will be mobile and it is not going to be one of the first versions of those floating cities. It is still in those early stages of development. The first versions of the floating cities will appear in 2020. That was agreed only a month ago after the Seasteading Institute made an agreement with French Polynesia to create a floating city prototype off its shoreline. They are going to build the first aquatic assemblage of homes, hotels, offices, and restaurants, which will all arrive in 2020. Delta Sync is going to be the engineering firm responsible for designing that pilot floating city.


The submerged laboratories and research facilities are still far from those development plans but are getting closer to the development of the first floating city which will be more like those Dubai artificial islands than these futuristic facilities. However, as soon as that Dutch firm develop the floating concrete, the sooner we get the “AquaWorld”.


After it becomes the reality, it will have these small mobile docks for the ocean research. The entire facility will have to be self-sustainable with solar power plants, gardens, farms, etc.

The French genius that has been working on that Manta-Ray futuristic cruise ship/ floating city, said that it will be able to accommodate a little over 7,000 people. However, the plan is only going to see the light of day, after that Dutch company finishes the prototype of the floating city in 2020. Until then, we can only enjoy the vision of this architect and 3D models of his prototypes.

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