The stars experience divorce differently, parting with their partners. However, the same as we do. Someone is immersed in the work; others start a new relationship in order to quickly forget the old. Everyone has his own secret of healing.
What are the secrets of the stars? Did they manage to reconcile with the loss of a loved one? Or they still suffer? Let’s find out.

Britney Spears

Life and career of the singer went downhill when she broke up with the dancer Kevin Federline. She turned into a hysterical woman, a brawler and often showed aggression. But the star of the 00’s managed to get rid of alcohol, drug addiction through the help of parents and a rehabilitation center.

Brad Pitt

After the divorce from Jolie, the actor grew old, was in despair, so his friends did not step back at him a single step. But the man went on the mend and even decided to recover from alcohol dependence, which became a stumbling block for the former spouses.

Demi Moor

After the actress divorced Ashton Kutcher, she had health problems. Food disorder, excessive use of medicines. The situation was aggravated by the fact that her former began to date with Mila Kunis, his childhood friend. Close people could persuade Demi to seek help from specialists, and she underwent a course of treatment in a rehabilitation center.

Olga Buzova

When the star of “House-2” broke up with Dmitry Tarasov, she almost went crazy. Olga admitted that she could even fall out of the apartment window. Buzova decided to release her pain with the help of songs.

Owen Wilson

After the breakup with Kate Hudson, Owen began to feel depressed. When the beloved was seen in the company of a colleague, he became completely ill. He swallowed a sleeping pill and slashed his wrists, but the doctors managed to save his life. This act made Kate return to her lover. True, their happiness did not last long, and eventually, they broke up again.

Kristen Stewart

The Twilight stars broke up after Kristen changed Robert to director Rupert Sanders. The girl asked the actor for forgiveness, but he was not going to forgive betrayal. After that, Stewart was depressed. For 6 months she went crazy about what she decided to tell in the new movie “Come Swim”.

Yulia Baranovskaya

Football player Andrei Arshavin once told his civil wife on the phone that he leaves to another woman. And this despite the fact that she was pregnant with his child at the time! The whole country sympathized with Julia. But she did not lose heart and became even more successful after the breakup with her beloved.


For many, it was surprise news that the singer divorced her husband, actor Josh Duhamel. Fergie has not yet reconciled herself to the loss, she hopes that they will be together again. According to the singer, she fought for marriage, and Josh decided to divorce.

Gwen Stefani

For several months the singer was in deep depression. And all because of the fact that her husband cheated on her with the nanny of their children. Gwen felt such pain that she even thought about suicide. But her sons helped her to recover. For them, she plunged into work and continues to enjoy life.

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