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Samsung continues to dominate the market and greatly expands its advantage over Huawei

Samsung remains a leader in the wireless market and is expanding its advantage over its main competitor.

2019 was not a particularly good year for Samsung. Despite the fact that the terminals were of high quality, and despite the obvious improvement in the mid-range thanks to the Galaxy A range, the benefits of the South Korean company were not exactly what was expected.

However, 2020 seems to have been a really good year for Samsung, despite the crisis that the mobile technology sector is suffering from. Samsung remains the undisputed leader and extends its advantage over its main competitor, the Chinese company Huawei.

Samsung leads and extends its advantage over Huawei

According to Samsung, the Note 20 sells better than its predecessor

According to the latest data from some analyst firms Samsung was the top company in August 2020. In addition, the gap with Huawei also widened, and as if that wasn’t enough, sales also grew in such complicated countries as India and the USA (Xiaomi and Apple respectively).

The data speak for themselves. 22% market share in August versus 16% for HuaweiSome numbers to prove the company’s good work with great phones like the Note20 Ultra or the current Galaxy S20 FE.

Regarding the rest of the companies, Apple is in third place with 12%, Xiaomi in fourth place with 11%. And be very careful here because if you continue like this, there is no doubt that the Chinese company could outperform the Cupertino company and that Xiaomi is another company whose sales have also grown despite the crisis.

Samsung seems to be left alone and it’s obvious that Google’s absence from Huawei phones is taking its toll in some western markets. Now keep in mind that one of the most anticipated phones of the year, Apple’s iPhone 12, has not yet been unveiled, so this situation could change in the months ahead.

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