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The new iPhone Emoji shows you that you can be happy wearing a mask

The bitten apple signature smartphone updates its face mask emoji and is now smiling.

Masks have become part of everyday clothing around the world due to the current situation. However, they are also a controversial topic, with some arguing that they violate basic human rights. To avoid any political situation, Apple decided Unexpectedly, update your emoji with a face maskThis shows that you can be lucky to wear this item.

Emojis are used to express things that are difficult to do with words and they have become a very popular form of communication in the world. World of smartphones. Currently hundreds of them can be used, and from now on there is another new emoticon, although it is really a small modification of a familiar one.

The iPhone has a new emoji that is happy with the mask.

They found out from Emojipedia that the iOS 14.2 Beta 2 For compatible iPhones, an updated version of the increasingly popular face emoji has been integrated with a medical mask. Instead of the usual sad-eyed version that makes this emoji a sick person, the emoji now shows it You can be lucky to wear a mask.

The iPhone Mask Emoji is happy now

As can be seen in the picture, this emoticon now stands out raised eyebrows, happier eyes, and rosy cheeks this suggests that the person is happy and smiling behind the popular masks. For a happier look, Apple would have put a mask on the smiley emoji.

This is the first major change since Face mask emoticon in 2008. An emoji that could change before it starts, but whose goal is to show that wearing a mask doesn’t have to affect happiness. At the moment, this emoji is expected to land along with the final version of iOS 14.2.

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