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This is Google’s plan to fix application bugs

Google will set up a security team to look for vulnerabilities in the Play Store.

Although with every new version that hits the market, Android is becoming a much more established and secure operating system, The truth is that its main weakness is still application storage.

Although more and more security measures have been added recently, Being a free app store with few restrictions has its drawbacks And we are no longer surprised when a study shows that a large number of malicious apps have been discovered in the Google Play Store.

Mountain View Company is aware of this problem and is making great efforts to resolve it. The last thing will be to create a security team to find vulnerabilities in applications that handle sensitive data.

Google is working to create a security team for sensitive apps

Google intends to set up a security team to look for security holes in the Play Store

As we read on ZDNet digital media, this new Android security team will focus on applications that process a lot of personal data, e.g. B. in connection with the pursuit of COVID-19 or elections. as long as they process sensitive user data.

It was also learned that the team will not only focus on finding and preventing possible vulnerabilities in these applications. They also provide security guides for the affected applications to developers. As if that wasn’t enough, this team will also work closely with other security teams to find ways to reduce the incidence of vulnerabilities in Android apps in general.

This news made many developers happy, such as Lukas Stefanko, mobile malware analyst at security firm ESET, who commented that finding security problems in applications is not an easy task and takes a long time. So it is a big step to have Google’s own team to do the job.

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