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Smartphones of the future could have transparent wooden screens

Smartphones of the future could have transparent wooden screens

What will the smartphones of the future look like? Every year it goes by Mobile devices improve the processor, camera or design. Although it is also true that we seem to have reached the limit and the news is getting scarcer.

At least we thought. Because the truth is that brands don’t stop at their desire for innovation. Folding screens, cameras under the screen … or that latest novelty we just discovered that drove us completely crazy. Transparent wooden lattice.

The future lies in transparent wooden grids

Transparent wood is lighter and stronger than conventional glass

It sounds like science fiction, but it isn’t. That’s how we read it in the Phone Arena, and it is The world of technology keeps surprising us.

Because if there was news a few days ago that Samsung had patented a transparent cell phone, we now learn that a researcher together with colleagues from the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado have developed a transparent wood material that could be used in the smartphones of the future.

To do this, they used balsa wood that was subjected to an oxidation bath at room temperature to make it almost transparent. Then the wood is filled with polyvinyl alcohol (which is used for paper). that makes it almost transparent as if it were glass.

According to its “creators”, this transparent wood has very interesting properties. It is a much more durable, resilient and lighter material than traditional glass and it’s also very flexible. In the event of a fall, it won’t break and can withstand impacts much stronger than glass, and the glass backs in smartphones are a much more serious problem than you might think.

This transparent wood is currently still under development and It is already being considered to be used in windows to replace glass as well as in the automotive industry. However, we are sure that the smartphones of the future will be very successful in making them not only lighter but also much more resilient. Will we see transparent wooden cell phones in a few years? I hope so.


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