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Cute dinosaur in the world. 32 million dollars at a cost of almost

Skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex was sold at auction in New York for 31.8 million dollars. It is the highest price in history has the dinosaur fossils.

It was assumed that this an area of 67 million years, the scale of the condition on the namesells for 6-8 million dollars.

The auction, which took place at the auction house Christie ‘ s, enjoyed great interest. An anonymous buyer offered the maximum price on the dinosaurs on the phone.

The state is one of the most complete skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which have been discovered so far. Less than 12 metres in length and more than 3.5 meters high. Was as a model in the creation of figures and exhibitions Tyrannosaurus.

The first fragments of the skeleton in the year 1987. in the deeper rocks hell Creek in the U.S., the paleontologist found Amateur Status Sacrison. Just in his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex called.

Original bone is incorrectly identified as fossils more common Triceratops, but in the year 1992. Paleontologists have determined that they belong to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Mining-skeleton – 188 bone – it took 30 thousand. Hours.

From 1996 onwards. Stans, it was possible to observe in the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research in the U.S. state of South Dakota.

The last skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was sold up to the auction, Sotheby’s in 1997. for the record-breaking total of 8.36 million dollars. Buyer Museum of Natural History in Chicago, with the financial support of Disney, McDonald’s and other companies as well as private persons.

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