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See, thick bear of Alaska. It Weighs 635 Kilograms

Brown bear from the Katmai national Park named 747 11 defeated opponents and won the annual competition on najgrubszego bears in Alaska, reports the Agency Reuters.

747 is one of more than 2.2 thousand. Brown bears inhabit Katmai national Park. Pet won in the current week’s vote in the context of Fat Bear Week, so the week Colitis bears.

Park said in a statement that the 747 is a worthy winner. According to the data, which the National Park Service of the United States, the bear weighs 1400 pounds, so approximately 635 kg.

They were 3 thousand years. Diałby were obviously on the continent

This year really put on weight, and in July it looked as if he was quite thick in the Winter, and still ate, until in September his stomach seemed to be dragged on the floor estimated Katmai national Park.

In the context of Fat Bear Week 12 bears of Katmai national Park compete with each other. Fans compared their photos and voted over the Internet on your favorites with 30. September to 6. October. In the final 747 measured with Chunkiem. The winner has scored more than 47 votes as a thousand, and the loser of about 21 thousand

After looking through the images posted on Twitter about the Katmai national Park you can see the size of the two men

Bears, which weigh in Katmai national Park after the summer, even more than 450 kg. When can a third of the mass of the body lose.

In the summer of bears using Katmai of the rivers and streams gather on the shore, where you reasons in the hunt for salmon, floating in the spawning. This year, along the river, there were almost no people. In General, in the high season there are about 500 visitors per day. During an epidemic, their number decreased to 50-100 people. In the opinion of the representatives of the Park, the bears had in that the better access to the river.

The first event is dedicated to a thick niedźwiedziom with Alaska took place in the year 2014. under the name Fat Bear Tuesday. Later, a competition that aims developed in the current week, the awareness for the wildlife in the Park.

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