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Massive mobile data collection is already illegal in the EU

The massive data collection from users in Europe has ended: The EU prohibits the collection of mass data.

The European Union did the official one Prohibition from Collect data in bulk on mobile phones and the internet in a judgment by the Court of Justice of the EU.

It states that Only in extreme cases where national security is seriously threatened The collection of data is justified, and even in these cases the Consent of a judge.

Therefore, the EU continues to implement data protection measures alongside other measures such as the EU Restricted to US companies sending data from users residing in Europe. This led to companies like Facebook threaten Stop offering your services in Europe when this measure finally comes into effect.

In this case, the measure will focus on countries such as United Kingdom, France and Belgiumas several organizations had “branded” itexcessively“The massive surveillance measures in these regions.

No more mass data collection in Europe

Companies can no longer collect large amounts of their data via mobile phones.

For the users on foot, this measure implies that Operator can no longer perform collections or general data transfers over their customers’ connectionsTraffic and location to be shared with other organizations later. You may only do this if there is a valid national security reason approved by a judge or independent agency.

If approved, this data will be used They may only be stored for the minimum time requiredalthough this period can be extended if necessary.

On the other hand, if the data collection is intended for that Fighting crime or threat prevention can EU member states Keep dataalbeit not general, but limited on the basis of categories established on the basis of a number of specific geographical criteria.

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