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A software developer explains why today’s cell phones use so much RAM

Why do we have cell phones with 16 GB of RAM? The answer lies mainly in the camera.

In just a few years we said goodbye to sight 8 GB of RAM they were random most of most In the high-end Android section, let’s see how that number has been pushed into the background, which is now more common on medium-range phones – and even some low-end phones.

At the same time, we’ve seen some manufacturers start adding memory chips to their best phones reach 16 GBNumbers that surpass even most laptops on the market.

We’ve already explained what RAM really is for and what amount is best for today. However, the reality is The storage requirements grow from year to year. But, Why?

RAM is essential for a good multitasking experience.

The camera, big “culprit” that our phones have more and more RAM

A software developer wanted to explain through a Reddit thread What is one of the reasons This is why modern cell phones require so much RAM – especially when compared to devices like laptops.

In this thread he explains that today the camera area It is one of the major “culprits” of this increase in device storage capacity.

Samsung RAM 16 GB

LPDDR5, one of the last types of memory we can find in our smartphones

And that’s it with entering the game of Computer photography systems, Processing algorithms, high definition video capture and other modern techniques, a very fast memory like RAM It has become an essential element in the photographic field as it is responsible for tasks that require extremely fast data transfers and minimal latency that takes only a few nanoseconds to complete. For comparison, these processes would be up to 2,000 times slower if performed with the internal UFS storage that most current cell phones provide.

It has a lot to do with processing images and videos and storing these buffers in memory, where the latency is significantly lower and the available bandwidth is significantly higher than the standard UFS storage on Android devices.

We have to add that to that The RAM memory is shared between the GPU and the CPUIn contrast to desktop computers, whose graphics cards have dedicated RAM memory, which generally do not require any image or video recording and processing tasks.

Sure it is just one of the main reasons For which we have seen an impressive increase in the RAM capacities of Android phones in recent years. Other technologies like the arrival of 5G, Augmented Reality or the fact that applications are consuming more and more resources have also influenced and led to the fact that we already have cell phones with up to 16 GB of RAM today.

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