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These 6 new features will soon make your Android phone even more useful

Android phones are about to get 6 news that will make them even more useful. That’s all that’s going to change.

The Android 11 is already among us and on the way to the first compatible cell phones. This does not mean that Google is no longer working on developing new features for the operating system.

Indeed, the company has announced the arrival of No less than six new features for Androidthat these phones will reach even with older versions of Android.

All of them are aimed at making our cell phones most useful and convenient devices in our everyday lifeand they will arrive at the various terminals in the next few weeks.

Android will soon be introducing 6 new features for all devices.

The Google Assistant now “works” better with the most popular apps

Hereinafter, The Google Assistant can do even moreas its ever growing list of skills is now the option of Take actions right in some of the most popular appslike MyFitnessPal, Spotify or Discord.

In this way it is possible Add meals to our MyFitnessPal diary, send messages to Discord contacts or groups or even Tighten the laces of our chic shoes, all with simple voice commands.

You can use Google Duo to share your screen and send video messages

Google Duo is no longer just a video calling app. With the latest update, the popular Google service now also enables Share our screen with other people during a video call or Send short video clips to our contacts when they are not available to call.

Google’s phone app (with spam ID) reaches the whole world

When you’re fed up with it Spam callsand your mobile app doesn’t have any filters or protection systems to prevent these types of calls Install the Google Phone app on any phone, as long as it has a version of the system that is equal to or greater than Android 9 Pie. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Your cell phone will notify you when you run the tap or when there is a knock on the door

With his Instant Transcription Application Within the “Accessibility” category, Google will now help you to identify whether you are running the kitchen tap, whether the alarm is sounding or whether there is a knock on the door.

And it is the case that the company introduces the so-called “Sound Notifications” makes the phone vibrate when the application detects a tone of this type. This way you can know what is happening around you no matter what the reason you cannot hear what is happening all the time.

Google’s Shortcuts app just got better

A few months ago, Google launched Action Blocks, an accessibility tool that made this possible Create button-shaped widgets to quickly perform any type of action using the Google Assistant.

This app, which is intended for people with cognitive disabilities, now offers the possibility of communicate with short sentencesThis acts as an “artificial voice” that can help people with different brain or language states.

In addition, they have included new symbols that makes the process of understanding easier What does each of the widgets do?.

Google TV adapts to your favorite content

We already checked the news from Google TV thoroughly after the presentation of the new Google Chromecast 2020. Now Google is taking the opportunity to remind us of that Your TV platform will help us even more to decide what to see next Recommendations for series and films based on our habits.

These are the 6 messages that in these weeks Android devices will be reached regardless of whether they don’t have the latest version of the operating system. Some of them like the arrival of the Google TV app on phonesThey are initially only available to users in the US, but sooner or later they should reach everyone’s devices.

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