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Why is the “D” in the SD card logo actually a CD?

The microSD card logo is actually a hard drive. But what is the real reason?

He microSD card logo It’s probably one of those things that you’ve seen hundreds of times, but probably didn’t give too much importance to. After all, it’s just a logo.

But the reality is behind this picture hidden a Interesting story that says like the technology we use today to expand the internal storage of our smartphones – Those who still support it – or to save photos and other file types, could have been very different to what we know.

Toshiba “recycled” the logo of an unusual technology

An SD card with your classic logo.

In case you didn’t notice – although I’m afraid the title of this article made you great spoiler-, The letter “D” in the SD card technology logo represents an optical disc.

And it’s not that the organization responsible for developing this technology decided to leave easy and use as the logo the object that at that time – the SD standard was introduced in 1999 -. Rather, the reason we use this symbol today is because of this Fusion of two different jobscarried out by various companies.

It was in the mid 90s when said company they developed theirs corresponding storage technologies with which they wanted to dominate the market. On the one hand, Philips and Sony worked on the development of the Multimedia CDwhile Toshiba I planned to create the album “Super Sensity”.

At the end of 1995, a conglomerate of companies consisted of some of the biggest giants in the industry: Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Compaq and HPthey decided that They would not accept a war in storage technology formatand the aforementioned brands had to Team up and combine your projects.

SD card logo

SD cards have become one of the most popular ways to store information.

Such are the projects of Super Sensity Disc and Multimedia Compact Disc They merged into one. In order to, The Digital Video Disc, better known as DVD, was born, a technology that has inherited most of the functions of Super Sensity Disc technology.

The problem is that Toshiba already had it designed a logo for its Super Sensity technologyand the company seemed to have no intention Leave it in a drawer. The solution? Use it for a technology Memory cards developed with SanDisk, which they would name Safe digital, or SD.

Hence the real reason why The logo on SD cards is actually an optical discIt is thanks to Toshiba’s decision to recycle the logo designed years earlier, even though it was intended for a completely different technology.

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