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Xbox subscription? Only in a Media Expert!

The console almost everyone wanted to have at home, but often the cost of the purchase of the equipment, and the views are out to buy games scares off potential buyers. Now, owners of the XBOX’s choice of a subscription solution. Xbox-All Acces is not only the device, but also access to Online services and somewhat more than hundreds of games!

Currently, in the framework of the services to the customers, the XBOX One is S. In the set of receive games, you can find the latest and most popular titles. The Basis of the game is constantly updated, to fear so that you need about the boredom. Thanks to the Multiplayer mode, you will have the Chance to compete or cooperate with other players from around the world. The offer XBOX All Access available ONLY in the network of Media experts. Well, but how much does it cost? Really little, because the only 99 PLN per month for 24 months. Noteworthy is the absence of hidden costs. RRSO 0%, that makes the offer is attractive and in combination with the XBOX One, but also a great selection of games, the offer most advantageous on the market!

Xbox All Access currently offers its customers only the Xbox One, But…! On the day of the Premiere of the next Generation, that is, 10. October 2020, interest rate increase new platform. The Version of the S Series will cost 109 euros in the month, and X Series – 145 rubles / month. It depends on you, whether you sit quietly… you already have the offer the Microsoft Media Expert, built specifically for the Polish players.

For more information about All Access, you can find in the Online Shop of Media Expert. Take advantage of this offer, go to the store, stationary. The list can be found here.