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Here’s how you can do reverse search for images from Android

You can use reverse search to find information about an image. Here’s how you can use it on your phone.

You probably already know the tool Reverse Google Image Search. However, if it doesn’t, then you should know that it is one of the most useful functions of the search engine, thanks to which you can You can find information about an image on the Internetand discover its origin, similar images and much more about it.

The best of all is that This feature is not only available in the Google search engine for computers. If you want to do one Reverse search from your cell phoneyou can do it easily too.

In this guide we explain how You can do reverse image search on Google with your Android phone or tablet.

What is reverse lookup and how does it work?

Google’s reverse image search is one of the most accurate.

Usually, you search Google for an image of a specific subject. You enter the name of the mentioned topic in the search engineand wait for Google to show you related images.

With a reverse search, the process is different: It is you who provide an image to Google, and the search engine uses different detection techniques to find similar images and discover patterns shared by all of these images based on the context of the web page they are embedded in or its metadata.

So can Google provide you with more information on a specific topic that you browsed the picture or showed it to you similar pictures this could be of interest to you.

Google search for cell phones

You can do a reverse search using the Google search engine.

How to use reverse search on mobile devices

Now that it’s clear how does it work Let’s see that kind of search how is it used. There are various methods of doing this

Use the desktop version of Google

By default, the mobile version of the search engine does not offer this option reverse photo search. In order to use this function, you must therefore Access to Google.com or Google.es from any web browser and Activate desktop view. This will make this option available.

So you can Upload your picture from the galleryand Google will show you information about this image.

Using Yandex Image

If reverse search on Google Images appears correct, wait until you try Russian Yandex search engine. Systems machine learning applied to the image recognition this search engine provide one of the more advanced and accurate reverse image search systems.

Unlike the Google search engine, the Yandex search engine also offers a mobile version. Hence, all you need to do is access the Yandex image search engine with your cell phone Camera icon with magnifying glass and select the image you want to search for from your gallery. After analyzing the photo, the search engine will show you Pictures exactly the sameor very similar to the one you provided.

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