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The future of cell phones is this detachable front camera

A well-known Chinese brand is working on a curious smartphone, the front camera of which is detachable and independent.

Vivo is about to enter Spain and will do so with the launch of new smartphones that complete its catalog, which it joined weeks ago Vivo X50 Pro, the first mobile phone on the market with an integrated gimbal ring. The brand is working on the arrival of devices that surprise and have in their hands a cell phone with a detachable front camera.

At the moment it is just a concept design that won the RedDot Award 2020. As can be seen in the pictures, it is a new solution for the front camera of smartphones, with which a device is reached with full screen. A camera that actually is a removable module This introduces new features and can be controlled with your voice.

This is how the detachable front camera on the new Vivo works.

With this Vivo camera, thanks to this independent module of the camera, users can take and record pictures and videos anytime and anywhere to build a new photo system separate from the mobile phone. The design developed by the Chinese company is inspired by a retractable camerahidden at the top of the terminal and reappeared when you open the mobile camera app. Unlike them, this camera can be disassembled.

Vivo works on a mobile phone with a detachable front screen

This is the design of the Vivo with a detachable front camera

This is the design of the Vivo with a detachable front camera.

The front facing camera module of this device is fully self-contained and magnetically attached to the phone. It offers “innovative multi-angle recording functions”. Also can be controlled by voice commands intuitive. Among other things, the design is characterized by comfort and good grip.

As we mentioned earlier, this is only a conceptual design at the moment, so this detachable camera may not see or do the light. with a different design and characteristics. Without a doubt, it’s a brilliant way to fight notches and offer a full screen mode, although it will be necessary to see if more than one loses the camera module.

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