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Apple Watch Series 6, review: a renewal with a focus on health

The new smartwatch from Californians is not a revolution, but if something works, why touch it?

We return with a new edition of Apple4all To talk about it Apple Watch Series 6, the apple company’s newest smartwatch. The sixth edition of the Apple Smartwatch is already among us, and though It’s not a revolution compared to its predecessorimproves a team against which it was already very difficult to assert oneself.

Those from Cupertino also presented the Apple Watch SE, a cheaper version and perhaps more attractive to the general public. However, we will talk about the higher version, the one with which Apple wants to remain a benchmark.

I’ve spent the last few days with the Apple Watch Series 6 on my wrist and I can already share all of my impressions with you. I’m sorry for him spoiler, but The Apple Watch is once again the rival in the world of smartwatches. Along with the iPhone, they repeat themselves as one of the best couples.

This is the sixth edition of the Apple Smart Watch.

Table of Contents:

Apple Watch Series 6, data sheet

Apple Watch Series 6
Dimensions 40mm and 44mm options
screen Retina OLED with always-on technology
resolution 324 x 394 pixels
processor S6 dual core
operating system watchOS 7
warehouse 32 GB
Sensors Blood oxygen (Sp02), heart rate sensor, electrocardiogram (ECG), altimeter always switched on
Other 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS

Design and display

Apple Watch Series 6

The appearance of the Apple Watch Series 6 has not changed compared to the Series 5. retains the same design and is indistinguishable at first glance. Here, too, we can choose between aluminum and stainless steel versions as well as a special model in cooperation with Hèrmes. In my case, I chose the model Aluminum room gray.

The rotating crown is just as identical as the button directly below, which we can use to access current applications. Will we see a round Apple Watch in the next generation or a major change in design? I have no idea, but neither do I need it.

The screen of this sixth edition is brighter than the previous onenot only when we are using it, but also when the clock is idle. I’ve never had any problems outdoors with the Series 5, of course not with this new edition. We are talking about a very nice panel with a more than adequate resolution and correct color display.

We can’t go through the design area without mentioning the new carriers Solo loop that everyone is talking. I didn’t get a chance to try them because to this day they are sold out in my usual store. Yes i have been using it for a while and it’s great The feeling of freedom is much greaterYou even forget before you wear the watch.

day to day

Sensors on the Apple Watch Series 6

A blood oxygen meter is attached to the heart rate sensor.

My day started every morning with the watch on my wrist. It’s my favorite alarm, forget the annoying little music you end up hating The Apple Watch wakes you up with a few light taps that makes getting up early a little more pleasant.

About everything that has to do with measurement What I look for in a smartwatch is an assistant that I don’t have to interact with too much. The alarm I mentioned earlier, the event notifications or reminders, I need to be handy and notify me whenever I need it. Everything was perfect thanks to syncing with the MacBook Pro that I’m working on and the iPhone 11 Pro that I use as my personal device.

There is no problem with basic daily tasks, However, what really sets this Series 6 apart from other devices is its sensors. These are the parameters that you can measure with the help of the Apple Watch:

  • Pulse rate Of course, as in the other editions, we have a heart rate sensor that monitors your heartbeat throughout the day.

  • Electrocardiogram. To do a slightly more detailed analysis, you need to put your index finger on the crown and wait 30 seconds. The Apple Watch measures your sinus rhythm and notifies you when there are signs of atrial fibrillation.

  • Oxygen in the blood. One of the novelties with which this Series 6 arrives is the measurement of oxygen in the blood. You can see them on the back. It contains a series of LEDs that illuminate your skin. Thanks to an algorithm and the reflection of this light in your blood, the Apple Watch measures its oxygen content. In theory, if you get values ​​close to 100%, you shouldn’t worry.

  • Altimeter always active. In the fifth edition we already had an altimeter, but in this case it is a sensor that is always active and helps to improve the monitoring of our routes and exercises.

  • Sleep analysis. It’s not exclusive to this new edition, but something that comes with WatchOS 7, the latest version of the operating system. The data that we can see in the application is not too much, it is reduced to the number of hours of sleep. Fortunately, the App Store has a few options that can give you a little more information.

Plus, Siri is just a tap away. You can use the crown to access the Apple Assistant. In truth, I usually don’t use it on the iPhone, but on this Apple Watch. Quick inquiries about reminders or the weather forecast are helpful in everyday life.

In these times, hygiene is very important, which is why Apple decided to change its watch Find our hand washes. A 30-second countdown will automatically begin, which you will need to complete in order to receive approval. Otherwise, A message reminds you how important good laundry can be.

There are other strange qualities that can be very helpful at certain times, such as: Fall detection. We’ve found it on previous models, but it never hurts to remember. If the Apple Watch detects a sudden fall, it will ask if everything is going well. If you don’t answer, emergency services will be notified by sharing your location. Of course, the Apple Watch also shows the time.


Apple Watch Series 6

Autonomy is one of the most important points in any smartwatch. Many of these devices do not have excellent autonomy, and for nothing in the world do we want to discharge the battery of a device that should be with us all day.

My experience with the Apple Watch has been very satisfactory, slightly better than series 5. With moderate use, practice, controlling music and podcasts and paying attention to notifications, In most cases I was on duty for about 2 days.

However, if you want to use the device to measure your sleep, You may need to plug it in for a while before going to bed. Either way, you have no problem reaching the end of the day.

One thing that has improved a lot compared to the previous edition is the loading speed. We don’t find any fast charging technology per se, but the Apple Watch Series 6 recovers energy at a faster rate. Reached 80% in about an hour, 100% in an hour and a half.

The changes from WatchOS 7

iOS 14 has just arrived on iPhones. WatchOS 7 did the same with the Apple Watch. The new version of the operating system works really well, watchOS 6 has already done it, However, you will notice an increase in fluidity and speed.

Now we will find some more customization options and the ability to edit the design of the Dial straight from the wrist. Let’s go in the right direction But opening the door to something else might be a good idea.

The rest remains practically the same. By pressing the crown, we access all of our applications. We activate multitasking with the side button. As I mentioned earlier, there is an increase in general speed.

24enews’s conclusions and opinions

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is – far from it – not a revolution, but it improves in many aspects to a product that was already practically round. It works in all sections, I don’t think the Californians smartwatch has many downsides beyond continuity. This is also evident in the new iPhone 12.

Anyone looking for their first Apple Watch may doubt whether this Series 6 or the SE model is a better option. The answer is easier than it seems if you’re looking for a smart clock that measures each of your constants. If health is your specialty, the Apple Watch Series 6 is your buy. If you want something simpler but that retains the design and many of its features, You can save a lot of money by opting for the Apple Watch SE.

There is another possible question: If I have the Apple Watch Series 5, is it worth the jump? The answer isn’t complicated either, no. The experience will be the same, the only difference is you will have a slightly brighter screen and a blood oxygen reading. This is not the time to upgrade unless you have one of the older versions.

Apple Watch Series 6, price and where to buy

The Apple Watch Series 6 is part of the 429 euros for the 40mm aluminum model. The version that we analyzed is the largest (44mm) and without the cellphone, which part of the 459 euros. You can buy them on Amazon, including the official apple shop.

Apple Watch Series 6, opinion and advice from 24enews
Should You Buy the Apple Watch Series 6?
In favor of
  • The increased brightness of your screen is appreciated.
  • If you’re interested in surveillance and health, the sensors make all the difference.
  • It maintains its autonomy, improves the loading speed.
  • watchOS 7 brings additional speed and fluidity.
  • There are no major changes from the previous generation.
  • Are its features enough to justify this price?
Conclusions The Apple Watch Series 6 is once again the rival in the world of smartwatches. However, if you already own an Apple Watch, an extension might not be necessary.

9Apple Watch Series 6

If something goes well, don’t touch it.

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