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The pandemic is fixed to 7 months in Peru. A Japanese Tourist, at last, saw Machu Picchu

A Japanese Tourist who came 7 months ago in Peru, with the aim of you visit complies with the Inca city of Machu Picchu, at the end of his dream. Sooner all the time was in the neighboring town. The reason is the epidemic koronawirusa was, of course.

After a long stay in the town of Aguas calientes, Jesse Takayama was invited on Monday to the inspection of the property, which closed in March officially. Its leader was the Director of the institution. Next to them, on the territory of the historic town there was no one.

The Japanese is the first and so far only Tourist, which appeared since the spring on Machu Picchu – writes Reuters.

Jesse Takayama has long been planned your trip. Even before the departure from Japan, a ticket bought via the Internet. Unfortunately, the spot turned out that due to koronawirusa the Museum was closed, and he can no longer go back to Japan, due to the limitations of epidemiological. After months of waiting to change the Situation, in desperation, the Japanese Minister of culture of Peru, wrote, at the end,Alejandro Neyry.

I have just ordered to let him, and thanks to this location the Inca city for a few days before his return to Japan – I have, during the organized virtual conference, the Minister Alejandro Neyra.

In the Peruvian social networks shows a short Video of the top of Machu Picchu, in the Takayama, thank you for the opportunity to visit him, located at a height of 2090-2400 meters above sea level. City of the Incas.

Chapter peruwiańskiego Department of culture promised that At the end of November, the object of the visit will be available tobut the exact date is not specified. Just said that the daily limit will be introduced-no more than 675 visitors per day, the equivalent of 30%. the average number of visits before the pandemic.

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