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Halloween in the United States. The decoration was so realistic, that the neighbors called to notify the fire Department

Before Halloween, the owners of the house in Los Angeles przystroił him in the fire landscape. He managed it so realistic that many of the neighbors call the call fire brigade, said on Wednesday the Portal of Fox News.

In the United States, the stories about people, which says a caller to the police about who not to overdo it with decorations for Halloween, are not uncommon, Fox. In General, these incidents will relate to, however, terrible, or inappropriate Installation.

In the case when the house in Los Angeles, the business went on. Many of our neighbors, confident that flared up in him a genuine fire calls to the fire brigade.

My husband, the idea of the series “pirates of the Caribbean” in Disneyland, declared to TV channel Fox Carmen Long. It is only in Satin fabric, orange and red light, and fan – he adds.

You Longowie be connected in contact with the fire Department. Your house has a sprinkler system so that, if you are a real fire, inform the fire brigade about it.

Security service in Los Angeles, as reported by Fox News – has not yet asked about the change in the call-decoration ends.