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Sofa made of cardboard or overnight on a Rack? Ecological furniture for a meeting in a boat

Sofa made of cardboard or overnight on a Rack? Such furniture can be seen in the boats. This is the answer to the growing demand of the customers for the purchase of environmentally friendly products. To install the furniture is sturdy, lightweight and very easy to use.

Also the subject of the Wroclaw company is the world of cardboard two years of experience in the development and manufacture of cardboard furniture. You have tables, chairs, couches, or shelves for books with a special, consisting of several layers of cardboard. If we have less, eco-friendly solutions, on cardboard, laminate laid. Then the furniture will be more durable, you can wash them and disinfect.

Although most of the furniture out of cardboard need company, Manufacturer of cardboard packaging, furniture, your own example shows that it is a practical solution for every house.

Better to be a role model, so that my apartment is equipped to a hundred percent of our furniture, the oldest of them have two years, and, probably, for a long time – says Rafał Linowski, the President of the company ” the world of cardboard. Young people don’t need to convince you that it is a good solution. Skeptical on furniture for older people who do not want to believe that the carton can check furniture – he adds.

The furniture can be transported without problems, if necessary, unpacking, and… behind a Cabinet to hide. Your students will especially appreciate, which frequently change their residence and do not generally have at their disposal a large number of square meters. In the assortment you will also find tables and chairs for kids, cardboard lamp, and even something for our four-legged friends – drum house for cat or small dog.

During the Passage discuss carefully in the boat show experts on how to see the furniture of the future. One of the innovations is the replacement of conventional MDF panels, panels made from obierek is potatoes. The main thing is that the manufacturer will select materials from the treatment, all natural and absolutely organic. On such properties, often pay the attention of the customers.