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The shooting in Paris! Guess how much the cost of a one-room apartment with an area of 6,51m2

The entry prices in Paris! 134 thousand euros to pay for a-room apartment with an area… of only 6.5 square meters in the center of the French capital.

The offer published on the Internet, the French subsidiary of a large American company, to sell the real estate, which ensures that this is rarely the case. From the window of this small Studio Apartments, all with amazing views of Paris, including the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame Cathedral can offer.

The owner warns, however, that there is no place for a Standard toilet with a descent.


This independent room on the sixth floor (Elevator goes only up to the fifth floor), in the once plaster-lived wife, rent-a-rich neighbor to remove the also according to the applicable law, for small to you. Its sales while perfectly legal – even in such astronomical sum.

Experts point out that it is a matter of record that in respect of small premises. There was, however, already in Paris for the highest prices per square meter.

In this one-room apartments of the owner required for the square-about 20 600 Euro. In the rich quarters of Paris, – in the case of the luxury apartments – price per square meter is often more than 50000 Euro.