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14 Free Casual Games for Android to Play Anytime, Anywhere (2020)

In your free time, enjoy the best casual mobile games that you can download for free.

You don’t always have time for several hours of graphics adventure. Sometimes we just need a simple and fun game This will help us disconnect for a few minutes. And there are few things better than that Casual games.

If you’re looking for a title to the play anytime, anywhere, today we wanted to choose the best casual games for Android which you can currently download. And it’s better not to lose sight of this list as it is constantly updated to include new titles.

Monument Valley, a puzzle game that you must try.

Top casual games for Android

Two points

Although it has its time Two points is a casual game that is addicting and entertaining Download it for free on your Android phone.

In it you have to Connect the dots of the same colorto overcome the 2875 levels suggested by the game.

Super Mario Run

https://youtu.be/6AwkMVtpydw Three years after its publication, Super Mario Run continues to be the game that does the best by reviving the essence of the original Super Mario on our Android phones.

The concept is the same: Complete the different levels Overcome obstacles and kill enemies or enjoy that various mini-games You can play for free before deciding whether it is worth buying the entire game.

The battle of Polytopia

Few games can be combined better The strategy with the casual format. In this turn-based battle title you have to choose a tribe and fight the enemiesas you discover new countries and learn to use new devices.

The best part is that this title is part of the collection of Casual games without the internetso you can Play offline while traveling or in areas with poor coverage.

Huge success

Years later this classic came out Casual games for Android still deserves a position in ours above. In Smash Hit, you must Touch the screen to destroy obstacles and advance as far as you can. It seems easy, but as time goes on it becomes harder and harder to destroy all the crystals.


Another very good casual game that you can download for free is transmissionin which you should Create transmission networks increasingly complex connections between senders and receivers. The game offers 70 levels in 7 different worlds, all designed with care and minimalist aesthetics.

The fighting cats

For some strange reason, in this game you control a Horde of armed cats with which you owe kill the enemies that get in your way. To do this, you just have to Tap the cat you want to attack with .

Chess pit

He classic chess, taken to a new level with this free casual game, according to the words of its creators chess is fun, even if you are bad at it.


If you like to draw, Pixel.Fun2 is one of the most entertaining games that you can play on your phone to have a quiet time. Just go Click on the numbers Select the appropriate colors to tint each of the items displayed on the screen. It’s, without a doubt, one of the best kids games out there.

Idle huntress

If you want a little more action in your free time, Idle huntress it could be what you were looking for. In it you will finish levels as you go Kill enemies that will get in your way. Best of all, you can Play with both landscape and portrait mobiles.

Tank hero

A game so good it gets attention that it’s free. Tank hero is a casual multiplayer war game that puts you in control of a tank Armed to the teeth, with over 100 different skills to choose from and simple and intuitive controls. You can fight against the AI ​​or against other players from around the world.

Dumb ways to die

He was one of the best casual games for androidand is not for less. in the Stupid Ways to Die 2 You need to avoid each of the suggested levels die in the most absurd way you can imagine.


Other Casual game for puzzle lovers it is Points. Your mission will be Connect as many colored dots in no timevertically or horizontally. A game that is too addicting and that you can spend hours and hours playing without stopping.

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey

Couldn’t miss it one of our free mobile game sagas. The two titles in the Alto series invite us to one quiet world in which we accompany the protagonist of this story and slide down the mountain on his skis.

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