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The iPhone 12 opens the ban on cell phones that are sold without a charger

True to their controversial decisions and the fulfillment of all industry predictions, Apple decided to ship their iPhones without chargers or headphones from now on … Will there be an earthquake on Android?

Don’t expect it to stop being controversial Apple’s latest moveThe charger and the earpods, both products, have been removed from the sales package. This was introduced to us this week and confirmed with full honors for the new iPhone 12 family in four flavors, which was an open secret Now available as a separate accessory with additional costs.

Apple says it does it because “We all have a charger at home” though for now Cupertino giant refuses to adopt USB Type-C This is already a standard in the industry and from which it would be easier to have cables and chargers, also from the company headed by Tim Cook the most sensible ecological reasons to justify the decision.

Sooner than later, you need to think about buying a universal charger

It’s not trivial news, although it may seem, and it is although most of us don’t use an iPhone Analysts forecast an inconspicuous success of the iPhone 12 with Android users and Anyone who goes into the iOS environment will only find one USB-C to Lightning cable in the package of your brand new iPhones.

Not only that, and it is The entire industry tends to move into Apple’s rhythm after these twists so controversial but they like Cupertino so much, setting a (bad) precedent and making us think How long will it take for the major players in the Android platform to follow the same path? And let’s get without chargers or headphones, many manufacturers are already doing the latter on Android.

Essential accessories, or is Apple right and we all have one?

Well, analyze the movement a bit I would say that you cannot leave the customer without a simple smartphone userespecially when we talk about nearby terminals at prices of 1,000 euros will mean an even bigger effort to buy a headset or charger that isn’t included as standard, but is just as necessary as a SIM card.

In any case, I agree with that It is more ecological and hygienic for each of us to have our accessories and we only buy a smartphone, always taking this into account Cost savings should be taken into account in the final prices of the devices.

I also know that Apple, for example, accompanied its iPhone from very simple 5W chargers that are indeed dispensableand that we are lucky in Android, although the manufacturers now leave us without accessories, Most of us already have a quick charger at home with Quick Charge technology for up to 15, 25 or more watts of power.

Be it as it may For ecological reasons, I don’t swallow it whole in this case at least not alone, and many analysts suggest stricter than that increased production costs due to the inclusion of 5G modems on the iPhone 12, and Apple’s need or desire to maintain profit margins is behind the controversial move.

We already knew that 5G connectivity was behind the price increase in the finest section of the Android catalog, and now Apple confirms this by saving the cost of the earpods and charger to balance the scales and keep the prices of their new iPhones at 2019 levels … That suits me a little more!

So it is true that many Android users already have a quick charger at home, but If you have an iPhone and want a decent charger, you’ve already had to buy it And life won’t change too much, not least if you already have a USB Type-C port or port to charge your smartphone. Yes, If users do not require basic accessories, justification is requiredand Apple didn’t explain it to us too convincingly.

Android makers are laughing for now, but how long will it take Apple to follow suit?

As always, OnePlus and Many other manufacturers have run too chot Allusion to the fact that they ship their cell phones with everything you need while we look skeptical if we know how it happened to that Audio jack, sooner or later they will follow Apple’s movement and they will also hang the ecology medal.

And it doesn’t seem bad to me, hey We all want a healthy planet and a sustainable industry, but at least these savings, which I value positively and which will force everyone to buy their accessories and service them Instead of throwing them in the drawer, this should result in noticeable financial savings for the user as well.

I don’t believe in Apple nor do I laugh like the Android manufacturers I guess in a generation and a half they will have taken this step, but I have a feeling that only that boss Redmi was sincere with his criticism of the iPhone 12, stating that he found the strategy interesting, but this he only likes iPhone 12and you think the other three flavors of the 2020 iPhone are overrated.

It seems like an interesting move to me too, I see the iPhone 12 at a fair price, too, however I think Apple wanted to bathe in gold by selling chargers, and that’s undeniable, especially if we take into account that the MagSafe charging adapter, for example, which costs no less than 45 euros, does not contain it either! (another 55 € for 30W)!

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