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This is how you can save all the notifications you get on Android

With this trick, accidentally deleting a notification is not a problem as you can always access its full history.

He Notification history is a native function in Android 11 and it can also be seen on some phones with earlier versions of the operating system, albeit in more complicated ways.

However, it should be mentioned that access to this history of notices Not available in all terminalsFor example with those of the Samsung brand.

Don’t worry because there is a simple trick that will allow you to do it Save all the notifications you get on Android You can access it at any time, regardless of what mobile phone you have.

While this is not a key feature, the notification history is very useful if you accidentally delete a notification and don’t know its contents. Then we’ll see Here’s how to add this tool to your phone easily, quickly and for free.

These applications allow you to save all notifications on your Android phone

How to save notification history on Android

While notifications can be a productivity inconvenience, they can also be a great help for tracking messages on WhatsApp, likes on Twitter, or emails on Gmail. Ultimately, notifications are Buttons to keep up to date with what’s happening on your phone.

As mentioned earlier, some Android terminals have a native feature of saving all notifications in a history that you can easily access. If your cell phone doesn’t, here is what you can do Save all notifications using third party apps.

Then, We recommend several free applications All incoming messages on your mobile phone are saved here so that they can be retrieved when needed.

Notification history log

Notification History Log or Notification History Log is one of the best applications available on the Play Store for saving and checking notifications on Android. It’s a free app that saves all notifications that arrive at the terminalIt can also be used to view the ones you deleted before reading.

The first time you open the app you must accept the terms of use and read a short tutorial on how to use it. Before you begin, you should also give Permission for the app to access notifications and to mobile storage.

Notifications will start automatically saved in the “Advanced History” section, which you can easily access from the app’s main menu button.

By clicking on one of the saved notifications you can know all the details of it: Date and time, application from which it originated, and full content. It’s a particularly interesting tool for WhatsApp because you can read the messages without the other user knowing.

In addition, the Notification History Log app allows you to choose the size of notifications shown in Advanced History, temporarily turn off notification storage, and Erase the entire story.

If you go to Settings> Notification Prompt, you can even Challenge your friends to see who gets the most notifications every day. In short, the Notification History Log is a very complete application that allows you to easily access every notification that you have received.

Android notification history log

This is the interface of the notification log app for Android


NotiEasy app Android

This is the interface of NotiEasy for Android

As in the previous case, you have to grant in NotiEasy Permission to access storage and notifications when you first open it on your phone. Also, we need to make it clear that the app is in Englishalthough its use is easy thanks to a very clear interface.

When you open NotiEasy, you will first find the main screen of the “New” app, which saves every single notification you receive. If you want to know more about any of them, Click the “Show More” button. When you open the notification, it disappears from the main screen.

To access the full notification history, click the planet icon in the lower right corner. In addition, you can search for a notification using the search engine in the upper right corner and Filter it by apps, date or link.

On the other hand, you can configure yours in the “Favorite” section, represented by a heart Favorite apps so that only their notifications are shown there. This allows you to filter the most important notifications for you. You can do a similar thing in the “Chat” section, which you can configure so that only notifications from messaging apps are displayed there.

Finally, you can access the app settings by viewing the menu on the left or “The settings”that you can with Change app theme, activate automatic deletion Messages after a while or change the text size of NotiEasy.

Other apps to save all notifications on Android

The notification history log and NotiEasy are two of the best uses to save all your Android notifications and access them later. But there is more.

Next we recommend other free apps from the Play Store to save and review notifications.

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