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How to change or hide the Android navigation bar

Customize the Android navigation bar to your liking by hiding it or changing its buttons and colors. We explain how to do it.

The navigation bar is one of the elements that you use the most You can perform essential actions on your Android phone or tablet, such as: For example, open the apps menu, go to the home screen, return to the previous page or open the list of the latest applications.

While Android doesn’t offer many options for customizing the navigation bar buttons, it does allow you to do so Hide the bar or flip the buttons that makes up for it.

In addition to this native feature, you can also use the help of to customize the navigation bar of your Android terminal Third-party apps designed for this.

Next we explain in detail How to change or hide the Android navigation bar In two ways: using the system’s native functionality and using customization apps to customize the bar and its buttons.

Customize your Android’s navigation bar by hiding or changing it

How to hide or change the navigation bar with a native function

Customizing the navigation bar buttons on Android is not distinguished by the fact that it is very wide, but you have an action option to edit it.

This feature is particularly useful for phones that have Keys come backwards than usualand it is difficult for you to get used to using it. If it happened to you, you will know that going back when you want to consult the latest apps is especially annoying, and vice versa.

End these problems with a feature that allows you to both change the order of the buttons and hide the navigation bar. This is helpful if you prefer to navigate through gestures implemented natively in Android 10. Change or hide the Android Navigation bar, follow these steps:

  1. Go in “The settings”.

  2. Click the section “Screen”.

  3. Choose “Navigation bar” or “Navigation bar”.

  4. Please select the desired order for the buttons. If you want to remove the navigation bar, Uncheck the box.

This is the procedure that you need to follow to hide the Android navigation bar. However, the steps may change depending on the manufacturer of your terminal. In the case of Samsungyou will need to access Settings> Ads and select the “Full Screen Gestures” option.

In the case of Xiaomi phones Go to Settings> Display> Full Screen Gestures to hide the terminal’s virtual buttons.

Regardless of whether it is one operation or another, many Android phones have native features for hiding and changing the order of the buttons on the navigation bar. Access this tool and Use it to customize the phone the way you want.

How to customize the navigation bar with third-party apps

The Google Play Store has free applications that you can use to customize the navigation bar and reverse the order of the buttons. Change the color and intensity, choose new icons and of course to hide these virtual buttons.

To customize the navigation bar, we recommend apps such as the navigation bar – Assistive Touch Bar, Simple Control or Custom Navigation Bar. We have We chose the free navigation bar appalthough the functions and uses of all are very similar.

After downloading and installing this application on your Android phone, the first thing you should do is to open it to get it Access rights it must work.

Once this step is completed, Follow this process to customize the Android navigation bar with navigation bar.

  1. In the tab “The settings”you can choose the one Width of the navigation bar, its background color and the Button color. You can also reverse the order of the buttons using the Swap Back and Last Button option.

  2. Once the Settings tab is configured, enter “Action” to the Link actions with a long press each of the buttons.

  3. Finally, click the tab “Theme” to the Choose the appearance of the buttons on the navigation bar. If you activate the “Custom” field, you can select a button for each aesthetic in order to configure the bar as you wish. In addition, you can unlock 28 new topics to see the ads in the app.

Customize the Android navigation bar

This is the interface of the navigation bar app for customizing the Android navigation bar

These are the three main steps to using the Navigation Bar app to customize your Android’s navigation bar. It’s a free application that gives you extensive customization options, but one small inconveniences: more current ads than we’d like.

When you select the aesthetic of the bar, the changes are applied and you can Check what they look like in real time. Without a doubt, both the navigation bar and the rest of the similar apps are very useful tools for customizing the navigation bar.

In addition, you can always use these applications to integrate virtual buttons in case the The navigation bar on your mobile phone is not working properly.

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