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Yes, you should restart your phone from time to time. Therefore

Rarely do we give our phone a break in the form of a shutdown or restart, and it can be a joy to start with in the long run.

The smartphone has become the inseparable companion of adventures for humans. Wherever we go, we count on him for everything and if we don’t feel his presence, a shiver runs through our body until we find his whereabouts. Well, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but the truth, whether we want to admit it or not, is practical we don’t leave the house without it.

Breaths are a good idea

A phone’s battery is important so it doesn’t suffer

The mobile dependency As a result, we become obsessed with the battery and constantly check whether it has enough power for the planned day until we can access a charging station. The need to use it at all hours also creates the occasions when we let the phone discharge completely and, even less, turn it off on its own or take a break in the form of a reboot.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but we are not helping to extend the life of our beloved smartphone. If we maybe don’t want to leave the salary on cell phones every now and then we should take the trouble to turn it off from time to time. We can survive, and we don’t have to do it that often to be a nuisance.

Experts advise turning it off once a week

The American publication Reader’s Digest has consulted several experts in the field, and the conclusion is clear: we should turn it off at least once a weekYou have a few minutes to breathe and come back with charged batteries to face another seven days of hectic activity.

And why do they advise turning off the phone? The main reasons range from Prevent future crashes or extend battery lifeto promote smoother and trouble-free operation of the phone. You know one small gesture can mean a big win when it comes to taking care of our phone.

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