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A further discovery in Nasca. Huge drawing of a cat on the Plateau

Archaeologists from peruwiańskiego of the Ministry of culture wide, 37-Meter-long drawing found the cat near the town of Nazca. It is a different kind of discoveries in this area.

Drawings is a group of large geoglifów (some of them are visible to the survivors from outer space), especially the representatives of the Nazca culture. It is estimated that they were built in several stages, and the oldest in the centuries before our era. They show people, animals, but also other characters, such as, for example, the hands. In the year 1994 in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Outdoor figure cat, there are approximately 37 meters. It is believed that was built before the Nazca culture between 500 BC and 200 ad. Johnny Isla, Director of the archaeological Mission in an area suspected that this is a work of the late Paracas culture.

The fabric of the culture of Paracas, the show birds, cats and people are similar to those of these geoglyphs the scientists says.

As reported, Peruvian, shares started the Agency Andina, in the past week, whose goal is cleaning and maintenance Fig. The cat finally it was almost imperceptible.

One of the things that always surprises us that still find new drawings Johnny Isla says.

In the opening of the new works of the old culture ever-evolving technology helps. In recent years, archaeologists with the gladly used drones. Once we had to witness photos of the flight, but now we can with an unmanned machine, and we are very helps Isla says.

Researchers from the Japanese University in Yamagata-Shi last year, 143 new pictures reported on the opening. Among them, the color of the fish, biceps, snakes, birds, and humanoidalnej Form.

Scientists are concerned, however, that the development of the neighboring cities, may disturb archaeological work. In the past there were some cases, when the images of tourists and activists were damaged. In 2014, Greenpeace activists discovered Protest to the figure, Hummingbird, what then excuse also.

There are many theories about how and why the drawings of Nazca were. According to some scholars, is geoglyphs-the establishment of roads, Gala and cult.

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