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An alarming report. Hundreds of animal and plant species threatened with extinction in Europe

Hundreds of species of animals and plants in Europe and the habitat is in danger – despite all the efforts to protect them, the report by the European environment Agency (EEA). Threat to nature, particularly agriculture, urbanization, and environmental pollution.

According to the report, “state of nature in the European Union” covers the period from 2013 to 2018, Protection status of species and habitats in Europe is not good. A change in this Situation and reached a level that requires to be compatible with the generally accepted European goals, a lot of work. Research EEA, based on the work of more than 220 thousand. Man, concentrated on the assessment of three areas: Situation, birds, other animals and life.

Scientists warn that the Arctic is in a new climate

Scientists warn that the Arctic is in a new climate

Our result shows that the health and survival of the European nature and the welfare of the people requires a significant change in our approach to production and consume food, the use of the forests and the construction of the cities – appreciated Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the EEA, the Agency of the European Union, the monitoring of the environmental status.

These efforts must, in connection with the best introduction and implementation of environmental policy, but also with the increasing aspirations in the policy in the area of climate change, particularly in the areas of transport and energy added Bruyninckx.

Only 47 Percent. of the 463 surveyed bird species, protection status, a good enjoyed. This number pięcioprocentowy decline compared to the previous report for the years 2008-2012. In addition, to 81 percent. Living rooms was bad, or poorly protected.

According to the report, the Situation, meadows, dunes, marshes and trzęsawisk deteriorated sharply, and the protection of forests is improved.

The document also shows positive Trends, such as the growing area of protected areas in the framework of the programme “Natura 2000”. It is noted, however, that in the case of the protection of certain species or habitat types, we tend to speak only about the success at the level of the regional or local level, not at European.

The largest Arctic Expedition in Germany. Scientists have no good news

As the greatest threat to the biodiversity of the sea-report, especially Intensive agriculture, urban sprawl and unbalanced forestry announced. Additional threats are the pollution of air, waters and soils, and also illegal felling of trees and poaching of fish and animals. These factors are reinforced changes in the flow of the river, that is, for example, by its regulation, Invasion of alien species and climate change.

Among the political decisions, the protection of wilderness in Europe, the developers have shared new European strategy in the field of biological diversity by the year 2030. as well as the strategy “From the field to the table”. These are the most important elements of the plan of the European Green order.

No country will not stop the decline in biological diversity, so that it is our common Problem – The report summed up one of the employees of the European Commission responsible for environmental protection Michael O’brien.

Disgusting report by the WWF. The number of Wild animals decreased by 68 percent

Disgusting report by the WWF. The number of Wild animals decreased by 68 percent