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Bar with Hitler’s Yacht to go with the Hammer

Aluminum Bar in the shape of a globe, together with the five brass stools barowymi, with the Hammer in the US state of Maryland. The auction house wrote that the Bar comes with yachts of Adolf Hitler, reported the Online magazine “The Guardian”.

The Bar, once part of the German war ship of the class Grills, spent notifications 70 years in a barn and house in Maryland. The auction house Alexander Historical Auctions expects that it costs 250 thousand. US dollars. Is to be sold on the 29.

The auction house described the Bar as “fantastic relic, as a Symbol of the wrong size, and excesses” of the III Reich. He said that “hemisphere” Bar Material lined, неоригинальном, but with the coating visible on the photo of the Bar on Board of the ship”, four chairs covered with the new upholstery, which is similar to the Original, while the fifth is he completely Original.

The ship’s grille was in the year 1935. In 1951, the farm was sold złomowej in the U.S. state of New Jersey, and demolished. According to the auction house Bar, the owner of the shipyard and, later, his son fell into the hands of a friend. His identity was not disclosed.

How reminiscent of “The Guardian”, the previous auctions of goods in connection with Hitler and Nazism caused controversy. In The Year 2019. “Washington Post” examined the market for such Souvenirs, and said that the big auction houses, like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, as well as Websites, including eBay, limited they sell, or they are completely banned.