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Beheading of a teacher in France. The continuation of the campaign of the secret services against the Islamists

In France, the operations of the police take in the context of the fight against Islamism “ten individuals” in connection with dekapitacją last week on a suspect teacher, islamist, he said on Monday on Radio Europe 1, the Minister of the interior Gerald Darmanin has.

On Friday, the 18-year-old suspect in Islam man is the head teacher of the history of the Samuels Party in the vicinity of schools, truncated, in the vicinity of Paris, in which the Pati led lessons on the topic of freedom of speech, and showed cartoons of Mohammed. Islamist of the police was shot.

As Darmanin, against a teacher, “said Fatwa was binding” – a religious edict-Muslims.

On Friday an 18-year-old immigrant of Chechen origin him chop the head of teachers with podparyskiej school, the 47-year-old Samuel Party with a friend. He has published photos in social networks with a message to the President of France, called himself the “messenger of Allah”. The 18-year-old was shot and killed by the police.

On Saturday public Prosecutor’s office has confirmed that the perpetrators of bestial murders in March of this year, received a 10-year residence permit in France as a refugee. Czeczen not previously known to the French law enforcement authorities.

Pati, before he was killed, he received several calls with threats. Against him also some parents complain. During the teaching-freedom of speech, the students, the Muslims are asked to raise their hands, and then to leave the class. He explained that will other students cartoons of Mohammed show, and don’t want to offend you. For Muslims, the idea is the image of the prophet, blasphemy.

Some of the parents said that the behavior of the teacher was a sign of respect for the students, who profess Islam and their faith. Others took it as an insult, and two days later, at the request of the school, the Assembly was organized. After negotiations, the matter załagodzono. However, as it turned out, someone from the students telephone recorded lesson, and the recording was widely used in the social networks with the comment: “This Bandit may not teach as part of the education system, it is allowed under our children. He must get a lesson”.

After the murder of the teacher, nine persons, including parents, grandparents, and 17 arrested-year-old brother of the offender.

French teacher: freedom of speech is threatened by Islamic extremists!