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“Cretinism”. Harsh words on the balls halloweenowych in a pandemic era

“Halloween is an idiocy,” “while, we expect, beds in hospitals for patients Covid-19, idiots, the preparations for the celebration,” the head of the authorities of the Italian Region of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca has made its decision on the prohibition of the Playground on the night of 31

Known for the flower language, the Chairman of the authorities ‘ campaign, RAI said in TV: On the weekend of Halloween, we close all of us at 22.00. Halloween-it’s a great idiocy, big and stupid amerykanizm that we brought for our country.

A politician in answering the question, what are the reactions in America to expect his words, replied: I don’t think that there is such a diplomatic incident, for this reason, kretynizmu would come, like Halloween. There is something such that is used only for the relief of excessive consumption in our country, as in America.

And added: In time, as we are one of beds in the hospitals, with the aim to save the life of the people, they are idiots, and we have the preparations for this festival.

Vincenzo De Luca has stated that “such foolishness could not be tolerated”.

It is the second time in the last days of the acute saying of the Governor’s campaign and the theme of the celebration of the 31. In October, the ban on the Playground to this day, on the streets, the squares and in the zones.

Because of the pandemic this year, the turnover of these companies falls with 300 million euros to 65 million euros, 78 percent of such forecasts, the newspaper “La Repubblica”.