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Cyber Bunkier in a former air-RAID shelter of the Bundeswehr. The process moves

In Germany, the Cyber-criminal, the office is in a former Bunker of the German army staged its main begins. It is a serwerownię, comrade of criminals from all over the world was formed.

Before the court in the German Trier of the process in the case of “cyberbunkra” on the mosel begins. In the dock: 8 people, the us in a Bunker in traben-Trarbach, once used in the NATO, serwerownię for illegal interests.sits

These people will create accused the server room, the comrade criminals from all over the world. Criminals on 400 servers have Websites, the laundering, the trafficking of drugs, weapons, pornography, including a Baby, as well as money.

The process is so rotated, as the defendants knew about the illegal actions in which the servers are used. As a sign of “The mirror”, there is also the question, in which cases the owner can be held liable for the content of the provided servers.

The defendants-four Dutch, three German and Bulgarian at the age of 21 to 60 years. Head of the project was, according to the versions of the investigation, the 60-year-old Dutchman. He had to buy from the Bundeswehr, the Bunker in the year 2013, and in the course of the year, and gradually expand.

Claims that he knew nothing about the illegal content servers are hosted there. A part of the defendants-they are his relatives.

Prosecutors argue that the perpetrators have made it possible the completion of a criminal transaction opiewających on tens of millions of euros. Their persecution lasted for five years. Cyber Bunkier was liquidated in September 2019.

For child pornography kryptowalutą paid