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Czech Minister: We have Chaos in the country, and Babiš is an idiot

The Czech Minister for labour and social Affairs, Jana Maláčová during the conversation with the journalists, the think that no one listens to it, quite niepochlebnie spoke about the activities of the Prime Minister. Andreas Babiša as an “idiot”.

The Minister from the party, the Czech social Democrats – members of the ruling coalition – Jana Maláčová for Czech television expressed, prepared the report on the second wave of the epidemic koronawirusa in the country. After talking, thinking, apparently, that the camera and microphone are turned off, decided to ask the journalists to say what he thinks about the current Situation in the country.

With us, there is a brothel that has Babiš. And now we all have it zlizywać Maláčová said. It is an idiot, sorry she added.

Between Maláčovą and Babišem has long been a conflict. In may, the Prime Minister said that they are “left in the lurch”, because during the crisis koronawirusowego led, “so irresponsibly as in the past”.

Czech Republic, after a relatively mild first wave to face currently, with a significant increase in infections. On Sunday, there were more than 5 thousand. Cases, this is the highest day growth on Thursday, when, instead of the Tests at least.

Data of the Ministry show that the number of the currently active infection more than 100 thousand. For most infected, the infection has a soft attack, but it is growing, the number of hospitalized with Covid-19. At the end of September a little more than 1000 people with this disease inpatient treatment, in October their number increased by more than three times.

Almost 7 and a half thousand. Infections in Poland. In the Ukraine on Covid-19, the child died [RAPORT DNIA]