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“England is on the brink of the abyss”. The scientists recommend testing the redefinition of the strategy

The British government should test the strategy on the presence of koronawirusa to England to avoid returning to the more severe restrictions, calling for the scientists. One of the authors of the recommendations, believes that “England is on the brink of the abyss”.

In the published “Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine,” recommendations for recovery, struggling with the difficulties of the system of detection of contacts of people infected – NHS-Test-and-Trace, the scientists from University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) say that Tests Screening for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 could increase the system performance significantly Tests in a relatively short period of time, and in the identification of asymptomatic cases, the most important employees.

England is on the brink of the precipice: it is necessary to rethink the strategy Tests, tracing of contacts, Isolation and support in order to avoid in the coming months, a significant growth in the number of cases, requires the return to stricter measures of social distance in the whole country. Our recommendations may require further individual dedication and likely to have a significant impact on the reduction of the transmission of the Virus and reducing the socio-economic impact of the pandemic, if it can be implemented quickly Professor Martin McKee of the LSHTM said.

Scientists claim that the evaluation of the samples in the parties, but not individually, and the re-examination of means, only those groups in which was a positive result, that it is necessary, and total less Tests. Several countries, including China, USA, Germany, Portugal, new Zealand, Rwanda, Uruguay, Israel, and Vietnam, used Screening Tests for a significant improvement in the system performance and reducing the pressure on the laboratory and its staff.

But with the increase in the number of examinations with a positive Screening are becoming less effective, because it is necessary to analyze a larger number of samples. Alex Crozier is with the faculty of life Sciences, University College London, said: We love obvious in England this Chance, I think that we will be able to operatively control the shipment. It would be better to the grouping of the studies was reserved for control studies, and Screening for the presence of asymptomatic be present in the case of employees in the health and nursing homes.

In addition to the investments in the laboratory of the public health, the number of Tests at the local level and the implementation of the currently unused capabilities of the laboratories in the universities and research institutes, where it is possible, recommendations include the beginning of the observation of the environment with the wastewater research, that perhaps early-warning system for outbreaks of epidemic Covid-19.

The authors also recommend a significant investment Tracking System for the support of contacts at the local level. Unlike the example of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, where he is under are $ 44 million for the program for the search of contacts, hired and trained 1000 people, with the aim of supporting the local voluntary and you can reach up to 91.8 percent. infected and 78.8 percent. Your Contacts. Scientists claim that such an approach is far less costly than “Operation” Moonshot,” on which the British government is offering to spend up to 100 billion pounds, and whose goal is the achievement of the up to the year 2021 10 million Tests per day.

In the UK two weeks ago, the average daily number of diagnosed cases koronawirusa is around 15 thousand, and the number of Tests to be carried out in the last week for the first time, 300 thousand exceeded UAH. for a day.

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