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Immoral and illegal

The Anglican Church has harsh criticism for the government-the Prime Minister-the Minister Boris her father, William Johnson for trying violations of international law. This unprecedented Intervention on the part of the clergy in the British Isles. It is procedowana in the Parliament a law that knowingly violates an obligation of London, before coming to Brussels brexicie.

The proposed legislation refers to the European border, the Kingdom exceeded Ireland and its far-reaching implications for trade within the United Kingdom. If it is adopted, it breaks a part of the agreement last year with the European Union. According to him, the only way to avoid the customs control on the border of Ulster with the Republic of Ireland, the introduction in the Irish sea. This means that the was forced in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, remain a part of the legal structures and the customs authorities of the customs Union. The government of Prime Minister Boris, her father, William Johnson, despite the fact that you have agreed to such a solution, sees that this is an attempt of interference by the community in the internal Affairs of his country. Therefore, the proposal of the law, the insurance for the event, if not managed this Problem through negotiations.

In the list of the magazine “Financial Times” the bishops are taking immoral, in your opinion, is the aspect of this law, indicate that she threatened the peace process in Northern Ireland, you can argue the States of that part of the United Kingdom and zantagonizować the international public opinion. The British government openly admits that it is going to break the law, if it is not within its trade cooperation is achieved with the development of a new European conditions. Despite the standstill in the negotiations has not yet been a final decision in this matter. However, London is now wants to insure it for the case of rigid brexitu.

At the Moment, if the law is acquired by the Parliament, this law is an open and deliberate violation of international law. Historically the United Kingdom has always participated actively in the creation of the allied contracts. This time he is planning to be on the opposite side of the barricades.

If by the end of the year, London and Brussels, a new solution for the trade does not develop, since the 1. January ends the transition period brexitu and in the power of the law, the accepted up to this point by both parties occur. To avoid the only way to the physical borders of the EU in Ireland, the customs control of goods, on the Green island in General. This also applies to the UK. The Paradox of this solution is that a part of this country – Ulster – will rule other laws than the Rest of the island, where London. To break when the government of Prime Minister Johnson decides, this complex balance, and it offers procedowana law, the Union will have no other option than entering the customs control on the border in Ireland. One of the most important provisions of Wielkopiątkowego agreement, which ended in 1998, the 30-year period of fratricidal war between Catholics and Protestants, was the removal of all restrictions between Ulsterem and Republic. The undermining of this prey is very dangerous.

No one, say in 2016 in a Referendum for brexitem, he thought of the new European borders in Ireland. A campaign for access from the UK, the EU, the policy does not consider complications, to trade with which comes them to resist pulled. As noted by the commentators, the certainty that Brussels will agree to all the terms and conditions that dictate your London, it wasn’t meant seriously and without reason. It is impossible to stop the privileges of a member of the European Union, while at the same time with your divorce. Now, a little more than two months prior to the final introduction of the brexitu, the attempts of the British government to enforce, in the Parliament of the law of the international law łamiącą. As say observers, the administration of the Prime Minister-the Minister Boris Johnson shoots in this leg, you risk to lose your reputation as a Partner in future conversations and negotiations. Worldwide, not only brexitowych.